17 Students Stabbed Girl and Man Killed In Japan


20 people including 18 school aged children were stabbed Tuesday morning while waiting at the bus stop in Kawasaki Japan.

According to NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, the attacker was 51-year-old Ryuichi Iwasaki. He also stabbed himself in the neck and subsequently died officials said.

Citing the Kanagawa prefectural police, NHK named the girl who died as 11-year-old Hanako Kuribayashi. The man who was killed was identified by the broadcaster as Satoshi Oyama, 39, a father and an official in the Foreign Ministry.

According to the NY Post, Toshichika Ishii, 57, was sitting on a park bench near where the attack took place when he heard a child scream, “I’m scared,” and heard the attacker shouting in Japanese, “I’m going to kill you!”

Hiroaki Takamatsu, secretary general of Caritas elementary school, told reporters that the school will hold a meeting for parents and a news conference on Tuesday.

Caritas is a private institution founded by Canadian missionaries, the only Catholic school in Kawasaki. It was founded in 1961 as a junior and senior high school. In 1963, it added elementary classes. In 2017, the school had 648 students and 51 teachers.

At this time no motive has been given for the cause of the attack.

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