17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse Arrested Charged W/ Murder & Fleeing State after Protestors Killed in Kenosha


17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois has been arrested and charged with first degree murder and fleeing the state after he drove from his hometown to Kenosha and fatally shot two Wisconsin protesters on Tuesday evening.

Kyle was Classified as a “fugitive of justice”, according to Lake County, Illinois Clerk of Courts public records first obtained by the Daily Dot.

The Antioch Police Department made the arrest on Wednesday after the suspect fled Wisconsin to travel back home to Illinois.

“(The suspect) fled the state of Wisconsin with the intent to avoid prosecution for that offence,” according to the document.

According to independent.co, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, who is black, slammed the ability for armed gunman to walk around on the streets with rifles and face no repercussions.

“How many times across this country do you see armed gunmen, protesting, walking into state Capitols, and everybody just thinks it´s OK?” Mr Barnes said in an interview with Democracy Now!. “People treat that like it´s some kind of normal activity that people are walking around with assault rifles.”

The FBI has been called to assist in investigating the case.

Protestors are present in Kenosha following the horrific video that surfaced on Sunday afternoon showing 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a black man, being shot point blank by Kenosha police eight times in the back while his three sons were in the back seat of his vehicle.

Jacob Blake Sr., Jacobs father, has stated that his son is paralyzed from the waist down. The bullets the officer fired severed his spinal cord, shattered his vertebrae, and also has caused damage to multiple other internal organs. He has to undergo more surgeries.

Stay tuned this is a developing story.

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