Although a FARM BILL is typically passed every 5 years, APPARENTLY JEFFERSON COUNTY DHR IN ALABAMA IS GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT STRICTLY ENFORCING Section 4009 of the AgriculturalActof2014 (the Act) makes SNAP participants with substantial lottery and gambling winnings ineligible for SNAP benefits. Section 4009 of the Act also provides that State SNAP agencies are required to the maximum extent practicable to establish cooperative agreements with gaming entities within the State to identify SNAP recipients with substantial winnings.


This is a letter sent to a participant of the SNAP program in Jefferson County; However, this is in effect State Wide.

According to this letter Alabama DHR will close the SNAP case for families who win just $3500. Winnings in state as well as out of state will disqualify SNAP participants. $3500 Alabama? You call that “SUBSTANTIAL WINNINGS”?

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