Army Veteran Dies In Police Custody Body Returned To Family With No Organs


(April, 2018)- Everett Palmer Jr., an Army veteran, turned himself in to authorities in Pennsylvania to take care of an arrest warrant pertaining to a DUI charge, before he got on the road to go visit his brother and sick mother in New York.

Palmer never arrived. Two days later his family was informed that he was in fact dead.

According to a report that came from the York County Prison, Everett allegedly “became agitated and began hitting his head against the inside of his cell door.”

On April 9, 2018, Palmer who was 41, was eventually transported to a medical clinic inside of a prison, where he fell unresponsive. He was then transported to York Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The county corner came to the conclusion that Everett died from “complications following an excited state, associated with methamphetamine toxicity, during physical restraint.”

What was not said by the corner or prison officials is how methamphetamine could have been detected in Everett’s system after he had spent two full days in police custody already.

Another bizarre issue that the family is dealing with is after Palmer’s body was returned three of his body organs where missing. His brain, his heart, and his throat.

According sources after the family reached out to see what happened to Everett’s organs they initially lied, Dwayne Palmer, who is Everett’s brother, told Spectrum News NY1.

They were told to contact their funeral home director because they were probably the ones who took the organs. The funeral home rebutted those allegations by stating to the family they hadn’t touched the body.

Palmer’s brother told reporters that he suspects that his brothers death was a homicide.

The families attorney, Marlon Kirton, stated that sometimes brains, and hearts are removed for autopsies but it doesn’t make any sense for Palmer’s throat to have been removed.

Kirton continued to tell NY1, “Makes no sense, unless you’re trying to maybe avoid people knowing how he died; which was maybe by asphyxiation.

The Palmer’s are trying to maintain a open and cooperative relationship with authorities, but they have also filed a notice of claim to preserve their right to sue.

Pennsylvania-based lawyers John Coyle Coyle and Daniel Purtell said in a statement to NY1, “At this time we are respecting the criminal investigative process in hopes that the Palmer family’s questions will be answered and those accountable will be brought to justice. That said, given the extended amount of time that has passed, the Palmer family grows increasingly eager to find answers. We remain prepared to pursue this matter through all available legal channels.

Palmer was the father of two boys and served in the Army as a paratrooper.

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