Black Doctors Have Opened The First Black-Owned Urgent Care Center On Southside Of Chicago


A group of Black doctors are teaming up to open the first Black-owned Urgent Care Center in Chicago’s Hyde Park. 

Premier Health Urgent Care, will be the Southside’s first Urgent Care facility and hopes to provide affordable healthcare to a population in desperate need of it.

“We are happy to open an urgent care in Hyde Park because the community needs it. I see so many urban professionals who either delay or go without care because of time constraints,” said Dr. Reuben C. Rutland.

“No one has 8 hours to wait in the emergency department for a minor illness or the flexibility to wait 3 weeks because their primary care doctor is booked solid. We are here to help fill that gap.”

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The Urgent Care’s founders include Dr. Airron Richardson, Dr. Michael A. McGee, and United States Navy veteran Dr. Reuben C. Rutland. They opened the facility in a partnership with former Chicago Bears wide receiver Dr. Gregory Primus. 

After his football career ended, Primus became the first Black person trained in orthopedic surgery at the University of Chicago.

Rutland made it clear that the Urgent Care was not trying to replace any other form of healthcare but sought to fill the gap in the middle.  

“We are not in competition with the doctors offices or the emergency department,” Dr. Rutland said.


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