Black People Are Dying at Three Times The Rate of Other Races Due To Coronavirus


The Michigan state health department provided COVID-19 data by race for the first time Thursday in its daily report.

While black residents only make up 14% of the population they account for 35% of confirmed cases in the state and 40% of deaths from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Caucasians account for 25% of cases and 26% of deaths; 34% of confirmed cases are of unknown race, as are 30% of deaths.

Black lawmakers of Baltimore are now also demanding statistics that include race be released in order to determine if low income African American Communities are receiving proper care.

Democratic Sen. Charles Sydnor wrote Wednesday in a letter to Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and stated, “While it is clear COVID-19 does not discriminate among its victims, racial health disparities, access to care, diagnosis and treatment have long been a concern of minority communities.”

A full report can be seen below by Talia Richman a journalist of the Baltimore Sun.

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