Calls for Resignation of Ashford High School Bad A B’s Teachers Revived After Petition Gains Over 1,700 Signatures

Top Left To Bottom Right: Kelli Ingalls, Hannah Kirkland, Danielle Helms, Candace Cherry, Julee Summerford Lasseter, Tambria Mcardle, Kim Worsham

Last November Kelli Huffman Ingalls, Tambria Harrell Mcardle, Julee Summerford Lasseter, Kim Worsham, Candace Cherry Lawrence, Danielle Dedmond Helms, and Hannah Mccord Kirkland were the seven white teachers uncovered operating a racist hate group, labeling themselves the “Bad A B’s,” that they ran on school grounds during school hours with a mission to target, discriminate, abuse, and threaten violence against black and lgbtq students, students parents, and other staff members.

It is now August of 2020, three months shy of a year later, and each of these teachers are still employed within the school system. This unfortunate reality leaves parents and students to battle the unseen virus of COVID-19 and the clearly seen virus of pure hate and racism from these educators who have displayed they have no place within the proximity of children and should not be allowed behind the secluded walls of a classroom.

Over the course of the last week a petition that was formed by the local N.A.A.C.P and the New Justice Coalition that is a combination of several other local organizations and churches has garnered more than 1,700 signatures that agree the ten day suspension these teachers were given by the Houston County Board of Alabama was insufficient, unacceptable, and must be readdressed.

According to the Houston County Board of Educations website the school board consist of seven white men out of a total of eight and one of them Chris Lasseter is the spouse of Julee Summerford Lasseter one of the teachers involved.

David Sewell is the school board Superintendent that made the ten day suspension recommendation and he was backed up by board members Marty Collins, Gary Cox, Vince Wade, Scott Thomas, and Ricky MooreChris Lasseter the spouse was physically recused from the vote.

David Hollinger, who is the only African American on the board, voted against this inadequate punishment.

This petition is calling for the State Board of Education Superintendent Eric G. Mackey, Governor Kay Ivey, and James R. Ward III, who is the general counsel of the AL. Department of Education, to step in and expeditiously render adequate accountability and protection for the students.

The petition also calls to attention that hundreds have lost their positions due to their blatant display of racism and hate all across America via social media including a teacher about 20 miles from Ashford in the Dothan City School district that also operates under the same Alabama Code of Conduct who was quickly held accountable for his racist actions via a social media post he made.

These facts and occurrences therefore confirm that the injustice served to the students, students parents, staff members, and the community of Ashford is beyond egregious.

Many have spoken out about this terrible occurrence including former and current educators displaying disdain for this behavior and how the students have been failed by those who are charged to protect them from the very acts these seven teachers consciously committed everyday with a group that harbored over 200 messages the public never saw.

We spoke with several in the community local Pastor Rev. John V. Whitehurst stated, “These teachers attacked students and spit in their faces with language as toxic as the slashes from a whip of a slave master in the sweltering heat of a summer in the cotton fields of Alabama 100 years ago!”

Another citizen voiced, “The behavior that these teachers displayed should not be accepted as normality and we will not back down. There is nothing normal about “seven” I repeat “seven” grown women who have taken the charge to lead several classrooms full of children from all walks of life forming such a gang to attack them. This is nothing shy of child abuse. They walked into the doors of that school with the mindset they were going to attack, bully, and discriminate against black/brown children and children of the lgbtq community and they felt and still feel like they can get away with it.”

Hundreds in the community have also made a commitment to continue fighting until these women are held accountable and policies are put in place to protect black and minority students from teachers of their caliber who show up everyday with an act of what a educator should be meanwhile deep down inside they cradle nothing more than oppressive values and deep rooted hate for children who do not look like them and are in anyway different.

Kim WorshamTambria Mcardle, Hannah Kirklandwho is now employed within the Henry County School SystemJulee Summerford Lasseter, Danielle Helms, Candace Lawrence, and Kelli Ingalls all made a secret vow to diminish, demean, and degrade students instead of upholding to the true standard of an authentic teacher who takes pride in their work and understands they are helping to mold and shape delicate minds of children who are the future and who are already challenged with so much as teens. They should have tried to forge good relationships with students parents to ensure the best for each child instead these teachers chose to degrade and talk horribly against the parents all while inciting violence and threatening to “B” slap their colleagues.

David Sewell, Vince Wade, Marty Collins, Gary Cox, Ricky Moore, and Scott Thomas with their lack of action and their vote took part in nothing shy of humiliation against all who were targeted in these messages and agreed that this behavior is tolerable while Chris Lasseter’s silent influence also helped to stamp that the behavior of these seven women is perfectly fine.

These individuals have attracted national rebuke. Thousands know the future of all children depend on the voices of those who are willing to stand for what is right. No school system should have room for teachers who label themselves “Bad A B’s” and are dedicated to helping fuel the school to prison pipelines.

#SaveTheChildren Sign The Petition

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