Does Dismukes Downfall Mean D.P.D (Dothan Police Department) is Over Due for a Shake Up


Will Dismukes, who is a Republican state representative for the 88th district of Alabama, found himself caught up in a local and national whirlwind after he shared a photo of himself on his Facebook page speaking at a podium surrounded by a gate covered with hanging confederate flags to honor the Ku Klux Klan’s first grand wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Dismukes was involved with this event at the same time the late great civil rights icon John Lewis’s body was arriving by carriage in Selma, Alabama and many all across the nation were mourning his passing including several of Dismukes colleagues.

His now deleted Facebook post read, “Had a great time at Fort Dixie speaking and giving the invocation for Nathan Bedford Forrest annual birthday celebration. Always a great time and some sure enough good eating!!”

Thousands have called for his resignation from office and are questioning why on earth anyone in 2020 would be celebrating someone who is know as a racist slave-owning terrorist.

Since this first surfaced Dismukes has resigned from his pastoral position and stepped down from the pulpit of Pleasant Hill Baptist church and he has also been arrested on charges of theft.

This leads us into Dothan, Alabama where the chief of police Steve Parrish was outed, however not yet ousted, for his ties to the sons of the confederacy as well. In an article released by Parrish is standing with several other unknown white men holding a confederate flag. Many called for his resignation when this first surfaced yet he it still leading the D.P.D (Dothan Police Department) police force and it has been classified and riddled all across America for its ties of corruption linking to white police officers planting drugs on black men and continues to be scrutinized for several other disparities inflicted among the black and brown community.

The alarming amount of disparities such as young black men being pulled over for allegedly following to close, they are then forced to sit on curbsides while handcuffed for hours to be attacked by ants, and finally they are searched all the way down as officers run their fingers across the bottom of their socks to ultimately be let go. These officers, who are public servants, also failed to utilize a mask or face covering therefore endangering the health and wellness of each and every citizen they come in contact with. All of this can be seen clearly and witnessed on Facebook and Youtube as the occurrence was captured live by Kevin Saffold a.k.a the Cop Chaser.

This leads many to wonder what type of culture is being cultivated by a man that is known for his ties to celebrating and honoring a flag that signifies hate, injustice, and police brutality that was and still is being inflicted among people of the black and brown community.

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