Eric Garner Died After Choke-hold By Police NYPD Commander Sent Text his death was “Not a Big Deal”


A New York Police Department commander brushed off the death of Eric Garner, who died while being choked and stating 11 times that he could not breathe, as “not a big deal” in a text sent to the police officers sergeant.

For the first time on Thursday, the text was revealed during a disciplinary hearing for Daniel Pantaleo, who is the one who grabbed Garner and choked him to death on the streets of New York City for selling untaxed cigarettes.

During the run in Garner pleaded for his life 11 times by stating ” I cant breathe.” The occurrence was captured on video by a bystander before Garner had an asthma attack and died.

The New York Times Reported, Garner was “most likely DOA” Sgt. Dhanan Saminath wrote in a text to his boss, Lt. Christopher Bannon.

Bannon wrote back,” Not a big deal, we were effecting a lawful arrest.”

Gasp could be heard in the court room after the text had been read, according to the newspaper.

Pantaleo was not charged with any crime in Garner’s death, which helped ignite the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, nearly five years later, he faces possible termination for recklessly using a choke-hold.

Though the officer hasn’t been charged with a crime, Ramsey Orta, who took the cellphone video, was sentenced to four years in prison in 2016 for drug and gun offenses.

Orta maintained that he was the target of police harassment for his role in spotlighting Garner’s death.

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