Alabama Teachers Who Formed Racist Group Only Given Ten Day Suspension

Pictured Top Left to Bottom Right: Hannah Kirkland, Kim Worsham, Julee Summerford Lasseter, Tambria Mccardle

Ashford, AL– The Ashford High School teachers who organized and formed a racist group that was ran on and during school hours, calling themselves the “Bad A* B*’s”, targeting black and LGBTQ students were only given a ten day suspension without pay for their actions.

Kim Worsham, Tambria Mccardle, Hannah Kirkland, Julee Summerford Lasseter and two other teachers, whose identities are still being hidden are the teachers who created and everyday made the conscious decision to involve themselves in this group that not only targets minority students but degrades students parents, and threatens violence.

Julee Summerford Lasseter can be seen in a almost thirty second clip spewing a racial statement that said, “That N**** so slow he can’t walk and chew gum.”

While Tambria Mccardle can be seen insulting the intelligence of one of the students by stating she uses mime to communicate, she proceeds to call one of the students parents “stupid,” and threatens to B**** slap someone with the initials of RK.

((Full Video of Teachers Group Chat))

The Houston County School Board whose members consist of Marty Collins, Gary Cox, Ricky Moore, Scott Thomas, Vince Wade, David Hollinger, and one of the teachers involved husband Chris Lasseter, who recused himself, returned a five to one vote on the ten day suspension that was recommended by the school board superintendent David Sewell.

One students parent stated, “We thought that they were going to get fired, but they didn’t get that, so it’s like a slap on the wrist to me.”

David Sewell who is currently running for re-election as superintendent stated firing the teachers was never on the table after confirming he spoke with several Alabama Education lawyers and the AEA (Alabama Education Association).

Several citizens voiced their concerns about the school boards decision to send the teachers back into the classrooms after they have created a hostile and systemically discriminatory environment for students.

Students have a constitutional right to go to school and learn in peace without the fear of knowing whether or not teachers who have blatantly shown they do not have whats best for them at heart singling them out and making them a target of their oppressive system. They should not have to go to school terrified and wondering are they targeting me, are they sending out memos that’ll lead to discrimination against me, are they calling me the “N” word, are they targeting me because I’m a part of the LGBTQ community?

Others have made their disgust with the teachers and the school board known by stating the actions that have been taken did not have the best interest or rights of any of the students in sight while superintendent David Sewell repeatedly said he was being sure not to violate the “teachers” rights, never once mentioning protecting the “students” rights.

Local leader Pastor John Whitehurst of K.B.I Christian Church also made a statement towards this unfathomable occurrence stating,” This Shocks the conscience. This is not only offensive to the parents of students in Ashford, AL and Houston County but this offends notions of judicial fairness. This is offensive to human dignity.”

In such a short clip these six teachers have exuded behavior that is unbecoming of them. They are entrusted with the lives of our students everyday and should be there to build them up, instead they’ve created a group that is designated to completely tear them down.

After all of the delays, closed door meetings, and push back from the board citizens are wondering how did we get here? Did the school board take the time to conduct a thorough investigation into the rest of the messages that are inside of this group, did they take the time to question these teachers as to what is the purpose of this group, how does suspending the teachers for ten days without pay not balance out the ten days that they have been suspended with pay, and how do we go from a group of six teachers being involved to only three receiving punishment?

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  1. This is sad, but what’s worse is many more is doing it and haven’t got caught. You have to be stupid to not know we live in one of the most racist states in the country and if I was one of the teachers I would be embarrassed and wouldn’t even go back to the school.

  2. Fire Them We Dont Want Them Teaching Any Students!!!! We need to vote in another set of board members who will actually care about the safety and well being of our students.

    • Agreed they should be fired
      . how and why are they being shielded by the school board from these ladies being prosecuted for hate crimes.
      Why isnt the Alabama child n family services being called, not even anonomously, and told of these women that signed a contract stating they would teach and give the students a safehaven from the already cruel and racist alabama society.

  3. These teachers made a mistake by using slang that they hear students using all the time. Teachers are surrounded by black students that use the n-word as slang on a regular basis. I can assure you none of these teachers are racist and they actually are good teachers that care for their students which is what came out in the investigation. My child is in these teachers class and says the students (black and white students) at the school want their teachers back bc they know these teachers have good hearts and love their students. This was a group of teachers talking in private and some of what they said was taken out of context. I am sure they are remorseful and embarrassed bc they never intended for anyone to see those messages.

    • Vanessa everything you JUST said sounds as ignorant as these 6 teachers who took it upon themselves to target these black students and students who are a part of the LGBTQ community. This is not a mistake they done this and knew exactly what they were doing wvery single day! They had no reason to be organizing a group that bullies students when theyve been given the ultimate pleasure and entrusted with peoples children.



      • The suicide rates for our children are at an all time high due to peer pressure and other happenings in these schools already due to their peers how dare you make an excuse dor the ones who are suppose to be protecting them!

          • Lord Mrs. Tammy thank so much for addressing this in the nicest way possible, because I promise she had my blood boiling along with these 6 teachers that did not receive anything but a slap on the wrist!! THAT IS BEYOND PATHETIC!! But go figure one of their husbands is on the school board so why should we expect anything else!! Then she had the audacity to say the teachers was using the N word because they heard the students using it!! She sounds like a ABSOLUTE CLOWN!! So now the students are setting the example for the adults instead of vice versa!! Who does she think is buying that crap?? Or was Mrs. Vanessa apart of this little racist group chat?? Maybe that is why she feels the need to take up for such foolery!! These monstrous teachers need to be fired along with that school board, I DO NOT WANT ANY ONE TEACHING MY KIDS OR ANYONE ELSE’S KIDS THAT IS WORRIED ABOUT THE COLOR OF MY SKIN OR MY CHILD’S skin or someone’s sexuality!! THIS IS WHY WE HAVE SO MANY FAILING SCHOOLS TEACHERS POSTED UP IN GROUP CHATS WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG THING! When they should be worried about how can we make our students ready for what this world has to offer!! If we took a knife or razor and cut ourselves you WOULD NOT BLEED WHITE BLOOD OR BLACK BLOOD ALL OF OUR BLOOD IS THE SAME COLOR!! WE DO NOT ENTER THIS WORLD AS RACIST INDIVIDUALS THIS IS SOMETHING TAUGHT!!

      • These ladies need to be relieved of their positions. NOW. There is no room in education for racism and it should not be tolerated in any form. These ladies are all that is wrong in Alabama.

      • I think it’s time the nation as a whole revolts almost in a civil.war like manner. The only way to curb, (because it’ll never leave) racism is to boycott every institution housing this behavior. And expose those in this society that promote this rediculous bullshit.Had that been black teachers on some black panther propaganda, surely the FBI would’ve been involved. We don’t have to worry about terrorism abroad. We have it here in the United States of Racism.

      • Simple solution: Parent sponsored school-wide boycott. All students refuse to go to school and protest outside the BOE everyday until those teachers are fired. Schools and school systems without students, scores/ data lose funding. Recall the school-board, and then vote to remove the superintendent. The state will get involved and force a change as well (if needed). Hit them where it hurts. In the pockets. $$$$

      • And she completely contradicts herself…. they didn’t say anything racist? they aren’t racist? But they are remorseful?

        I would snatch my child out so fast!!

    • Did you just blame the children for the ignorance of professionally trained Educators ???? 😭😭😭😭😭 Wow you sound like the board members smh

      • I read that comment like wth. The teachers are following the guise of students…Mind blowing. Who will educate students if this is the premise? Smh

    • Stop lying. No black person wants to go back into a hostile environment where ther person assigned to teach them a n*****. And save that bs “they use that word all the time” excuse. It’s played out.

    • I am astounded by your definition of “good at heart.” A person that is “good at heart” would have never participated in a group that demeans not only the children’s parents but the children’s themselves. I think the phrase and words that you are looking for are two-faced, hypocritical, insincere, and dishonorable. None of these qualities are ones that we admire in people and should never be accepted in those given the responsibility of nurturing and molding young minds and characters.

    • I’m sure they didn’t want anyone to see the messages because they didn’t want anyone to know how disgusting and racist they really are! Further more as a grown ass adult educator why would a teacher adapt to the way students talk using slang? They are old enough to not follow the leader! I think you’re making excuses as people normally do!

      • The teachers need to be fired and the school board also. We have not overcome and racism is alive and well today in America. Why send them back into the school to teach those students and then they know how the teachers feel about them. It is sad and ridiculous.

    • Shut up it’s people like you always making excuses instead of making people own up to their actions. Everyone has a judgment day. I feel sorry for you. We can see you definitely don’t have the back bone to stand up for anyone. Ignorance is bliss. It doesn’t matter who they are around and what they hear we all know right from wrong so save your excuses. They don’t need to be around kids at all. They created a secret group expecting not to be caught. This was intentional behavior. Racism is racism. If it was your child the shoes would be on the other foot. Have some human decency.

    • It doesn’t work like that. When a child gets on camera and says they won’t have any problems with kids acting out and grades are not lowering or kids looking forward to a future with brown skin aren’t hanging them selves due to the stuff those broads messed up and let the public get ahold of….then I’ll believe this was bs. But if children are influencing women with college degrees into acting worse than the children act? They don’t need to be teaching. You also need to understand there’s a consequence to using those words, punishments. If the teacher is hearing this stuff and not reporting it, she’s an even greater problem than the children. You made these supposed educated girls look like sperm under a microscope

      • I agree to an extent with you:
        1. I agree this should never been said, but is there ANYONE of us out here that at one time or other said racist remarks and if you say you have not (even when you were younger) is hard to believe…so if we said anything at anytime in our life like this whether we are black, red, yellow or white we are guilty also…but I cannot believe the student that posted this is not being punished also!!!! I believe with all my heart that both parties are at fault…students air there personal life with everybody including teachers and they need to keep it to themselves…I am very sorry for both parties and pray it can be amended but I am afraid it will not because people keep stirring the pot and getting both sides fired up…listen folks we all make mistakes and say things that are uncalled for but we have to forgive as followers of Christ, just as he forgives us for all the wrong doings we commit(I am so thankful for that, I would be in BIG TROUBLE if the good Lord did not forgive).
        2. I know it is almost impossible for those young adults and teachers to be in a classroom or even in the same school together..the answer to that I DO NOT KNOW!!!! I know one thing I do not envy the superintendent and the boards job.
        3. May God have mercy and forgiveness for everyone involved.

        • Please dont leave another comment! You should not be in anyway shape or form upholding this ridiculous behaviour of the “TEACHERS”. IN CASE you havent read the messages these students were having a converstation amongnst themselves and these ease dropping gossping racist hatefilled discriminatory peeping tom teachers ran with it. How do you go about punishing a minor after a teacher let him have access to her cellphone? If this was one of your children being slandered bullied targeted and discriminated against in these messages there is no way on Gods good green earth you would be posting this! The God i serve and pray to stands for justice i dont know who your praying to and seeking for forgiveness! #ProtectOurChildren #FireTheRacistSix

    • You, my friend have no clue. You appear to be one of those people who since this does not effect you, think it’s no big deal. These teachers intentionally set up a HATE group and you thinks it’s just idle chit chat. This lasted for a while, not a few minutes. Those comments are what they really feel.

      How would you like for your kid to be sitting in a classroom with a teacher daily with you kid knowing full well that the teacher didn’t like them simply because they were short or tall or blonde or even white? These teachers are sorry because they got caught—no other reason.

      If these teachers are sorry, they should resign and move on so the kids and the school can heal!

    • Bottom line they were caught in their racist form
      How the scenarios is explained this isn’t the first time these group of teachers have used this type of behavior and to be honest I am not surprised
      It’s typical especially in the rural area in Alabama for that type of behavior

      What’s saddening me more you have parents and community leaders will allow this behavior to continue
      It’s time to stand up and be heard
      It’s an election pending for the superintendent and board members
      It’s no way I would allow those type of people’s to be leaders over my Childrens
      I would do whatever I need to do to make sure they are not re elected back for another term
      It will continue to happen because parents and the community leaders allow this
      Once again for everyone who thinks this is not a problem
      I hope you look in the mirror and take a good look @ ur self
      You support this behavior you have some issues as well

    • Girl stfu! they need to be FIRED no matter what color. If they talk like that amongst one another, wtf make you think they’re not racist? these are grown ass woman in their 30’s and 40’s strong minded individuals. You mean to fucking tell me they get the “N” word from students? Girl bye. Idgaf how much they apologized, they only sorry because they got caught. 🙄

    • Made a Mistake??? Made a MISTAKE??? How in the Hell old are these teachers?!? How can you say, in this day and time that ANYBODY “Made a Mistake” by saying such things about any other human beings? No, no getting away with this one, as an adult, if you don’t already know better, then you shouldn’t be teaching!!!

    • These teachers are racist period. You are disgusting trying to blame their teaching environment for them being racist. You’re the reason racism still exist.

    • Vanessa apologists like you is how Black face, nooses and killing of Black and Brown men, women and children by police officers is allowed to continue. You have students who don’t care what they did because it wasn’t done to them. Had this been your child, I’m certain you wouldn’t take the same stance. But POC are underestimated, undervalued and marginalized. Most people are sorry AFTER they get caught. Miss me with the fake apologies. If they were truly not racists, they wouldn’t have racist ideologies which were manifested by their words.

    • Oh so they are not sorry or remorseful for what they said, just that someone saw it. You too should be ashamed of yourself I can only guess what your teaching your child at your home. AT NO POINT IS THIS BEHAVIOR ACCEPTABLE LEAST OF ALL FROM THE VERY PEOPLE WE ENTRUST OUR CHILDREN TOO AS EXAMPLES AND EDUCATORS. SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON YOU FOR THIS CONSULATION POST.

    • No black students won’t them back stop lying this was no mistake. They ass knew exactly what they were doing when they made this racist group chat. Obviously you are apart of them problem with them. As for the teacher that said she won’t to bitch slap someone need to have her ass kicked by the student parents

    • Really Tammy, no excuse for those teachers. They should’ve been fired. I’m a teacher and I would never address a white child as a cracker. No matter how much I beat them say this. They’re a$$ should be fired. It’s called a racist just sad and you are to for defending such poor behavior from adults.🤬

    • Boi bye I kno like hell u just not gonna sit there and say the teachers hear the kids call each other the N word. They suppose to be the adults and have common sense. Good thing I’m not a resident, or my child enrolled. They need to get rid of that board and them teachers, they set a hostile environment for those kids

    • Privilege is what it is! You ought to be ashamed condoning this behavior! Your child doesn’t have to worry because from your response I can definitely tell they look like the teachers involved!

    • Vanessa, you sound dumb as hell. There is no way to justify this disgusting ass behavior. They are all wrong and should be held accountable for their actions. And if you feel like that aren’t wrong, then that means you feel the same way. There’s a special place for people like you and like them.

    • You are only defending them because You are One of them . I’m sure your fellow racists are quite impressed . It’s people like you and these worthless so called teachers that is wrong with this country. All of you fee so emboldened by what you see your dear leader that you really believe this country is going to return tonthe old blatant racist country it once was. What’s worse is that you are actually willing to follow trough with what you think is going to restore this ideology of yours. What do you really think is going to happen ?

    • Glad to hear this! Sadly, the truth doesn’t fit the racist agenda of many who want the white teachers punished simply for being white and using a term that would be overlooked had they been black teachers. I truly hope you are right and that these educators see that their shameful comments are wrong and correct their thinking. This scandal could have been used to promote racial harmony but ignorance abounds on both sides of the argument and furthers the division that is so deeply rooted in the south. The conversation should never have taken place and it was wrong. The slander of these teachers should not be taking place and is just as wrong.

      • Not true. There is BLACK teacher who was fired a few weeks ago for using the N word a few weeks ago. Google it! The teachers are HATEFUL, IGNORANT, LOWDOWN, MEAN SPIRITED P.O.S RACIST!!! If you condone or excuse their behavior, so are you!!!!

      • The slander of these teachers? Do you even know the definition of slander. It’s not slanderous if what is said about you is true! You are an idiot. One of the biggest plays of a racist – argue reverse racism and use false indignation when you get called out for your racist act and actually being racist. Projection at its finest. You need to go back to school and take a class on analytical reasoning and deduction because your arguments (excuses) FAIL!

        • There are some truths being reported, but also many untruths being assumed. Thus, the teachers ARE being slandered.
          Resorting to name-calling (“you are an idiot”) is another example of how “outraged” commenters join in the behavior of the accused.
          How can I be arguing reverse racism as you say when I am not one accused of such? I am not indignant, but I too have an opinion. I am simply stating that to meet wrong-doing with your own wrong-doing is not a solution.
          I have not made excuses for the teachers, but I will not excuse those who choose to act in the same way in reaction.

    • And you my dear are part of this problem. You condone and perpetuate this kind of behavior and racism. I can guarantee that you use the same kind of language. Horrible just horrible that you think they have a good heart. And to say because others say it makes it okay for them to say it shows that “privilege.”

    • Vanessa how can you even fix your mouth to say this. Which part was the mistake? Them forming the group? Them degrading minorities? Or them thinking it was okay? You say that the kids use the N word all the time but they are just that KIDS.. these are suppose to be teachers who are put in a position to protect and teach kids, not degrade them and tear down their character. These so called teachers are suppose to know better and they should be fired right along with the board members who thought it was okay too. And it was obvious that they thought it was okay because they only received a 10 day suspension. I’m outraged at their actions. These teachers have created a hostile environment and need to be eliminated from the teaching field period. My daughter just started college to become a educator and I promise you she knows this type of foolishness is unacceptable. But then again, they were probably raised to be racist so that is probably why they do not see the issue.

    • Keep that same energy when they start talking about your child. Furthermore, just because I hear someone use the N word doesn’t give me a right to use it.

    • What’s wrong with you? You’re just as racist as these teachers. You should be ashamed of yourself defending such deplorable actions of TEACHERS. The people that are meant to care for our students and teach them valuable lessons of life like respect. Just because they used “slang” (racial slurs, not slang) because they “hear students using it all the time” doesn’t mean it’s okay. They are meant to be good examples for or children, not stoop to the level of disgusting bigotry. Seriously. Shame on you

      • Oh I’d love to spend some with those degenerated, retarded, inbred Neanderthal cunts. They wouldn’t need a job, in education afferwards.

        I see all those fake fellow racists acting offended at posters, reacting to this vile story. How about you place your outrage where it belongs. Those fellow white bitches are emant to educate a new generation, whilst spreading their shitty white supremacist BS… NOTHING CAN BE WORSE THAN THAT! and for them to only get 10 days suspension, says an awful lot about the shithole Amerikkka you live in… Its just business as usual for you vile crackers.

    • Vanessa, your comments are so idiotic. You sound like a blabbering fool. Maybe, instead of those 6 teachers bitch slapping a student they should just bitch slap you for being so freaking stupid. Please, please, please STFU!!! It’s people like you who are ensuring racism will continue to live on. Those teachers should have been fired for their disgusting behavior. You should be ashamed for defending such conduct. I don’t care who uses the n word. It doesn’t mean it’s okay for you, me or anyone else to use it. I’m appalled that you’re so damn stupid.

    • If you’re a white person, using the n-word to refer to a person of color, you’re racist. End of. These are educated women that should be influencing students on what to say and do, not the other way around. They most definitely had the choice to use any other word but they chose the n-word and they don’t deserve this leniency.

    • Vanessa You Big Dummy (in Fred Sanford voice) you sound real stupid with yo Dumb A**🙄🙄🙄 They all should be Fired🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ I Hope the Families get Lawyers & take them to court. They need to take yo Dumb A** tooo for that Stupid Comment YOU Made🤣🤣🤣

    • Vanessa you’re a damn fool if you believe any of the bullshit you just typed out. People like you and those teachers make me sick. You’re trash abd they definitely don3nwed to be teaching anyone’s children. You’re an idiot.

    • So to be clear, you think they made a mistake? They made poor judgments, which were dictated by the content of their character and a sense of comfort in knowing they found other individuals that shared not only their sentiments but their disdain for their minority students.
      You are giving these college-educated women who chose to teach in the districts they are in a pass because they are white women and probably to you look relatable or harmless to you. We cannot continue with this narrative of “they didn’t mean it” when someone does something racist. They do not regret their conversations or thoughts; they regret getting caught.
      They have done irreparable damage to their reputations as educators and probably have lost the trust and respect of other educators, parents, and indeed their students. I doubt they were giving these kids the best education they could have because they thought so little of them. You get out what you pour into children. It is disgusting that the professionals would even consider saying the things they said.
      OAN, if their students refer to themselves as the N-word, white people should NEVER use it nor use that as a justification. Sorry, you are not allowed to use the very word created to demean black people by white people casually.

    • Vanessa you are delusional. It’s scary that you have children to raise. As a teacher and leader of children it does not matter how the students refer to each other. What does matter is how an adult refers to the children she is supposed to be teaching and not verbally insulting/abusing. Per this article these women are racist monsters. Per this article these teachers formed a racist group which means they were intentional in spewing hate against certain groups. They need to be fired. They’ve proven our children aren’t not safe or protected in their hands.

    • What planet do you live on? I taught school for 31 years. This is unheard of, these women should not be part of a public school. I pray that these students overcome this misfortune because our students suffer behind this. Shame on you for accepting this kind of behavior in this day and time.

    • You are part of the problem Vanessa!!!!!! Adults should be held to a different standard from kids! Sure, the students talk that way, but an adult should be able to discriminate btwn what’s appropriate and what isn’t, and actually be a positive motivator! I would never want my child to be taught by any of these women who truly don’t have a heart for anyone that looks different from them! Sad that their group got busted, sure they wished no one found out, but out of the heart, the mouth speaketh and they should bear the consequences of their poor choices!!! Why teach students that you despise?!!! Just shameful!

    • Hahaha made a mistake. An adult making a mistake using words they know shouldn’t be used that they over hear from a teenager…You’re a mistake

    • Integrity is doing what’s right EVEN when no one is watching/listening, let that sink in. As teachers you pledge to nurture young minds, so I’m not convinced they deserve a second chance. They are to teach children, not tbe influenced by their behavior. They hear the students use the word all the time and therefore can justify doing so is a sad position to be in. If they can’t own their decision/behavior how can they tech a concept they have yet to understand?

    • So these teachers took their cues from the students? Are you saying it is appropriate for teachers to encorporate pejorative, demeaning words and phrases into their dialogue with each other? You make no sense or you are an apologist extrordinare. Which is it?

    • Make all your decisions in how you conduct yourself in regards to your work place as if your family, community, and god could judge you for your actions. These teachers are being protected more than the students would have been. They have destroyed their integrity as educators and It is surprising that the would even show themselves back at that school. How you behave we you think no one is watching is a key indicator of their moral compass, which is at best poor.

    • They are not children they are adults that are teaching children. They know right from wrong so what your saying is bs let me go on a tyrant about how white people and their ass backwards slow demented kids get on my nerves there would be a different tone and ill need to be fired right because that is making your white child feel a type of way right?? So why not same energy for these closet racist…Damn i see Alabama still sucks and it and will forever be full of shit.

    • The N word is not a slang word not for white teachers. you can justify it all you want but I can promis the teachers i work with would never and i mean never say anything like this about their students no matter their faults and your ridiculous to believe that the students they are speaking about wants something to do with them. One a personal note I wish a teacher would say anything in this manner about my child. Period.

    • You misconstrued the fact that regardless of kids using the word that adults are the bigger persons. You sound stupid making that correlation. And I’m for certain you would not want a person of color having racist conversations about your child. You are a clear example of what bigotry means….. If parents Stop teaching their kids to hate there would be no need to keep having the same discussions….As adults those women should have known better.. Their lily white sense of entitlements made them shallow…..

    • Vanessa, I have 2 children that attend this school both of them and their friends are terrified that these teachers are returning. My children and their friends said they felt these teachers had problems with certain students but could never really prove it. Parents are disgusted and terrified as well. I am currently in the process of removing my children from the school.

    • What people say when they think it’s private are their TRUE thoughts and feelings. You may give them an excuse if you want, but I will not. They put on that false face in public but showed their true face in those messages. Regardless to what they hear another person say, they are teachers, professionals and should conduct themselves according. I do not give adults a pass. They made a conscious decision to make those posts.

    • GTFOH with that nonsense. They should be fired. What parents in their right minds would keep their children in a classroom with a racist teacher unless they are also racists or mentally enslaved.

    • I wish any one of them would call me the n-word. If they say it in private one day they will say it in public. Then when they get a negative response it would be blamed on the person that was called out of their name. So what good teacher says a kid is so dumb he can’t walk and chew gum?

    • Baby you should’ve keep this cause now we know that something is wrong with you as well for thinking that this is and will be ok. SHAME ON YOU VANESSA 🙅🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • You’re joking right? There is no way the kids want them back. At least not the kids that their stupid remarks were directed towards. And people wonder why the country thinks the state of Alabama is stuck in the 1950’s.

    • Are you for real? Did you read the article that says they formed a racist group and their comments and actions? How stupid do you think people are with this lame excuses you are attempting to make for them?

    • They are remorseful that they were caught! These “women” shape and mold the minds of children. They do not need to be in the position to educate anyone!! I don’t care how good of a person or teacher they are. They are adults and know better!! Just trash..

    • I’m sorry Vanessa but I totally disagree with you. These “WOMEN” are supposed to be “ADULTS” and should know better. This is totally unacceptable. When and If they hear the students saying these words they should correct them and should definitely not be saying them themselves either. I don’t care how you try to fix this up it is, was and always will be ugly and unacceptable. That’s their job to correct and teach them the right way. Shaking My Head 🤦🏾

    • Vanessa, you are part of the problem. You cannot blame kids for these teachers actionz. You should be ashamed of yourselves. These teachers should be fired. They are unqualified to teach and have shown themselves to be racists.

    • Are you condoning covert racism and the failure to promote humanity? If this is the case it’s my hope that you are not a teacher. It’s the unconscious bias and covert racism that have the greatest negative impact.

    • Slang??? If teachers hear their students using that word don’t you think think the TEACHERS should know better and teach instead of participate or in juvenile slang?

      How dare you you blame the kids and the slang that they use for the actions of adults who happen to be teachers.

      Got damn your racist, just say you hate blacks. It’s ok in Trumps America to do so.

    • You cannot assure anyone of anything! These women are less than slugs and minority children should not be subjected to being taught by them. But in a backwards state like Alabama who is surprised! You people aren’t Christians. You are low-class, ignorant and pathetic excuses for human beings! Nothing about any of the people involved or their supporters/protectors is superior to anything. You people are despicable!

      • Sorry but I am from Alabama and I don’t like what those teachers did but I certainly don’t like what you are saying about my state. Don’t throw everyone in the basket. You don’t know me.

        • Elouise, I agree. I live in AL now, have been for 9.5 years. Many of us are not how Alisa described us. I have my own opinions about different groups kn the state, but I don’t apply them to everyone in the state. There’s many good people here too.

    • You seem to be making excuses. They are the teachers. They don’t get to say “Well the students say it all the time.” I am an educator and I assure you these kinds of thoughts come through in your work. Whether you want them to or not. This was conscious, ongoing behavior.

    • Are you serious? Everything you said was bullshit. They are racist & only sorry they got caught. You shouldn’t want your children taught by anyone like this unless you feel the same way!😐

    • Lol how funny you would say this these teachers absolutely meant EVERY word. You’re using the excuse that kids use this language so Adults will too. This is dumb! They need to teach nowhere around students period

    • Cass! So you saying its ok for these bitches to teaching your about mess up like them….Its 2019 not the 60s they cant bring their bad ass to texas..rather they the n word or that dont give them no reason to do that..

    • Lady BS!
      They are teachers and should KNOW better then to use that kind of language to their students!
      You really are something defending racism. Just shows YOUR lack of morals and character 🙄🙄

    • All yall are hypocritical, Racist pigs.
      If this had been a group of Black teachers calling themselves “Bad Ass Bitches” calling kids “slow” or talking about “back hand slapping” kids…yall would be outraged and demanding they be fired. If they had called kids “Skin Head, Redneck, Meth Smoking, Pill Popping, Fentanyl overdosing, crackers” Yall would have tried to have them fired and their Teacher certifications revoked.

    • Casa you must be a member of the group. You sound just as ignorant as those so-called teachers. Any parent with a problem should be doing more to shut this down! Vote them out and protest the school board!

    • Go back and read your statement. Read all the excuses you made for adult teachers and how you tried to lay the blame on black students. Once you have done that then you will know why none of us believe you when you say those teachers are not racist….that is unless you are also a racist.

    • Smh don’t give you the right to use it no matter what, you’re just condoning the behavior cause you know these teachers cause your child attends the class no matter how nice they are to you , you don’t see behind closed doors and as you see the poof in the text message you still thing it’s ok to use the N word shame on you

    • This Vanessa lady is ignorant as hell!!! Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Which means racism is in their hearts. To suggest they hear the word nigger so it’s ok for them
      To use it is beyond comprehension!! Ur part of the problem and I think u r also a racist poc also and that’s why u think it’s ok. We sensible people don’t think this ok and we don’t want out tax $ paying openly racist ass people teaching our students. Shame on u and the rest of ur minions who think this ok.

    • So because black students use the “N” word, that makes it ok for the teachers to repeat it. They aren’t remorseful and shouldn’t have a fucking job. As an educator they have no damn business created a hateful ass group chat. That had nothing to do with teaching…they are more concerned with their students personal lives than teaching. That’s why they made a group chat and talked badly about the students and during school hours. They are horrible fucked update individuals and teachers and shouldn’t have damn jobs.

      • CeeCee says it well. Parents, this would be the perfect opportunity to peacefully and lawfully boycott the Alabama Department of Education asking for the removal of the Superintendent and this knowingly group of teachers that has form this racist group.

    • Seriously? Blaming black students for these adult teacher’s actions is as reprehensible as it gets. You must be one of them. They should be fired. It’s a shame these students can’t go to school without prejudice.

    • So why say and do those things? That’s how they feel and you are okay with it because you feel what they said and did was and is okay.

    • Let them do this to YOUR child and she how you feel. It really doesn’t hit home until your child or children have been emotional damaged by individuals who are suppose to be there to nurture, guide and educate them.

    • Eat a dick, you fucking racist inbred cunt. Every last one of you needs a daily open-handed slap in the mouth. Glad we know most of their names and where they’re employed though. They’re famous now so this is about to get really, really fun.

    • You sound very unintelligent. How dare you say these teachers are using slang they hear! They are supposed to be the example & lead not be the followers. Do not minimalize what they did/are doing. You are part of the problem just as much as they are.

    • Vanessa you are a part of the problem. How can you say this ??? I wonder if you aren’t one of the teachers who has created a fake account. How dare you ever blame a victim. You disgust me as much as them.

    • really good teachers for who white kkk kids may be they kids should feel what these kids are feeling these ppl should be fired what kind of ppl sat on that board

    • Most that commit criminal acts are not expecting to get caught. That doesn’t make their actions any less discouraging. I wouldn’t want want my child taught by any of them…… matter what my child says.

    • Vanessa….log off! You can’t be serious??? Hearing slang from kids is NOT an excuse to use it. I teach and I’ve heard more than I wish I had but I don’t repeat it and neither do I use it to justify why I could. Teachers aren’t perfect but they are role models even when they don’t want to be. Our actions and words are often scrutinized by the public, parents, stakeholders and students. Just because I have freedom of speech, the first amendment doesn’t protect me from the repercussions and backlash of my offensive words. The context of how she used the N-word to describe an incompetent student is justified by what she heard students say in casual conversation??? Is that YOUR rationale? What if your child was part of a protected class and was discriminated against or offended by offensive language? Would you say then that these teachers have good hearts or they’re not racist or even defend this behavior? It’s of little importance when it doesn’t impact YOU but the moment someone targets your child, then it’s an outrage or outcry from the community. Well I believe all kids are important. I may not be fond of every kid I teach, but I will NEVER disrespect, belittle, or discriminate against any of them because kids change and can become someone you grow to love. They don’t all like me but they respect me and some eventually tell me they appreciate me staying on them and pushing them. These women do not reflect teachers everywhere. What’s even more perplexing is that I’m from Alabama and I’m embarrassed to see that such context still exists in 2019. I moved from Alabama years ago because I didn’t want my child poisoned with this kind of rhetoric. I teach my child that everybody he goes to school with will NOT look like him. I wanted him in a diverse environment because the world is diverse whether we like it or not. Get used to it!

    • Disgusting!! These teachers DO NOT belong in the classroom, our teachers should be roll models to the children they teach. There is no way you can excuse their language or behavior and if this is ok with you, to the point that you are making excuses for these adults, it says a whole lot about you.

    • You’re just as much a hateful ignorant racist as these teachers are. I’m sure you’re a trump supporter, because finally white nationalists have their own president. Who is just as stupid, and bigoted as those who worship him. If you believe yourself to be a “devout Christian”,
      then know this. You will burn in hell for eternity. You disgraceful, hateful bitch.

    • You are crazy as hell, these teachers needs to be gone, fired they are supposed to be professional educated people what they did they knew it was wrong that’s why they tried to hide it. If the roles were in reverse and the teachers were all black and called the white students and their parents a bunch of inbread crackers, they would have been fired immediately!!!

    • You must have lost what’s left of your mind if you say these are good teachers, they are supposed to lead by example not mimick what other kids do. They should be fired and the school board should protect these kids from all who were involved

    • Vanessa J : “…they never intended for anyone to see those messages.” No one ever intends to get caught, it’s why the KKK wore hoods.

    • I’ll take it even further. Not only should they have been fired, but they should also lose their certification. Any teacher who has this in their hearts should not be in contact with children. I wouldn’t want my child in the hostile environment. But only in Alabama would they condone it.

    • You cannot be that naive and if you are, I feel sorry for your children! They will grow up to learn some very hard lessons in life because of your inability to see what’s right in front of you and teach them better! Those “teachers”, which I’m hesitant to even call them that, knew 100% what they were doing. They weren’t using “slang” as you call it. They were using terms they use on a regular basis in their homes, with their friends and families, or any other time they are not in front of a person to which it would apply. These educated women did exactly what they intended and thought that no one would see it because they were amongst “like minded” people. A ten day suspension is a slap on the wrist and everyone that sits on that board should be ashamed of themselves! Those females, calling them ladies or women would be an upgrade to what they are, have zero business is a classroom teaching anyone’s youth! Stupidity breeds more stupidity just as hate breeds more hate and that’s all they will do. What’s the most amazing part of it all is that not a single one of them would have the guts, or “balls” if you will, to ever say any of that to someones face. I personally wouldn’t allow them to teach another day to my child! If it meant moving schools, so be it for me. However not everyone has that ability….I will say now that everyone knows how they truly feel, they should probably look for employment elsewhere anyway! It won’t be comfortable looking into the eyes of the very students, who are children by the way, that you sat and degraded or their parents who you openly insulted. They have no authority or influence at this point….and to the one that said she would “bitch slap” a student identified by their initials. Yeah, if I were the parent, she would answer to that because I would approach her personally to inquire about that.

    • You cannot be that naive and if you are, I feel sorry for your children! They will grow up to learn some very hard lessons in life because of your inability to see what’s right in front of you and teach them better! Those “teachers”, which I’m hesitant to even call them that, knew 100% what they were doing. They weren’t using “slang” as you call it. They were using terms they use on a regular basis in their homes, with their friends and families, or any other time they are not in front of a person to which it would apply. These educated women did exactly what they intended and thought that no one would see it because they were amongst “like minded” people. A ten day suspension is a slap on the wrist and everyone that sits on that board should be ashamed of themselves! Those females, calling them ladies or women would be an upgrade to what they are, have zero business is a classroom teaching anyone’s youth! Stupidity breeds more stupidity just as hate breeds more hate and that’s all they will do. What’s the most amazing part of it all is that not a single one of them would have the guts, or “balls” if you will, to ever say any of that to someones face. I personally wouldn’t allow them to teach another day to my child! If it meant moving schools, so be it for me and my family. However not everyone has that ability and that’s understandable….I will say now that everyone knows how they truly feel, they should probably look for employment elsewhere anyway! It won’t be comfortable looking into the eyes of the very students, who are children by the way, that you sat and degraded or their parents who you openly insulted. They have no authority or influence over the children they teach at this point….and to the one that said she would “bitch slap” a student identified by their initials. Yeah, if I were the parent, she would answer for that because I would approach her personally to inquire if it were mine. By the way Vanessa, I’m a white mother to a beautiful biracial daughter and married to a black man, I have never used the “slang” you speak of and I’ve been around it all of my life! Not at any time do I ever feel like it’s acceptable to do so for myself or anyone else around me!! The fact that you think it is, speaks volumes about you and the community that this school is set in. I haven’t lived in Alabama for a while, but now that I’m getting ready to retire from the military maybe this will become my “thing”. I’ll have plenty of time to “hang out” and bother some state reps until they put something in writing to protect our youth from people like them. 10 days is nothing but a vacation for these fools!

    • You sound crazy as hell. “ They are using the slang that the students use?” When was it ok for teachers to behave like students? If theses teachers are so stupid to not know any better, they definitely don’t need to be teaching.
      And now you want us to believe that their hearts are in the right place? What students miss them? The ones that weren’t being targeted. Is it because you and their parents think and feel the same way these teachers do?
      It’s quite evident by the school board and superintendent and your ridiculous response that you agree with these teachers.
      GTFOH with that passive aggressive cockamamy answer. We see through it.

    • Asking for them back? Yea the ones asking for them back I’m sure are not BLACK or one of the targeted kids. Get those people out of that school system because what they did was wrong and there is no justifying what they said or did! They are clearly in the wrong profession and to have this behavior while on the clock let’s you know they don’t care about the kids education. If one kid was called stupid and can’t read then it speaks a lot about their teaching! I bet they have a public apology to give also huh? Girl, you stupid just like them.

    • This comment above is straight ignorance. ^ Its not about copying black people or students. This is 2019 and it’s not copying, it’s racist if an adult is speaking like that. It’s a choice. They are adults. That word is off limits to anyone who is not black, and even disagreements within the black community…. but it is not for any of us to use or copy. And if you think otherwise, you’re part of the backwoods, KKK, “I don’t see racism in my hometown” kind of person that will keep putting this country back 50 years. Alabama is backwards overall and speaking in general from state to state, the worst kinda racist we got.
      What we just read in their message feed is all we need to see of these pigs. In my personal life I can say and do a lot while being an educator, but this crosses the line. Professional educators should not talk to each other about kids by first and last name via text or email or face to face, that they don’t all collectively teach. And on top of that the blatant hate and racism.
      This is not an “oops” or small mistake, this is racism, this is hate, this is a group of women showing THEIR CHARACTER, which is what they are supposedly instilling in their students to help them transcend into the world as adults.

      School Board made a bad call. They’d be employable elsewhere, but they have no business working in the business of shaping children if they have contempt and hate for them. Go back to school, go to trade school, if the pressure is too much for you.

    • Really? And Trump is just being a good ol’ boy, right? That’s why things don’t change for the better. White supremacists like you, making excuses for ABHORRENT behavior!!

    • I could not disagree more. Who you are in private, is who you REALLY are. If they are remorseful, good, they can start over somewhere else having learned a valuable lesson about themselves and the changes they need to make to be a true decent human being with the incredible responsibility of educating and caring for all the children in their care.

    • That is utter BS. Now when students take matters into their own hands what can you say then. They are bad or they shouldn’t have done that.

    • Oh for crying out loud. If they are around students that use classroom or work inappropriate language, they should deal with it not say OH WELL GUESS I USE THE N WORD NOW. If kids start dropping f bombs teachers don’t get free reign to start cursing. And what these teachers did is significantly worse than that. Take a moment and seriously evaluate what you just said. Adults couldn’t stop themselves from adapting racial slurs because the children they were supposed to educate used them. Y I K E S.

    • You must be stupid, blind, deaf, and dumb as hell to even take the time to even post this BS…Ethier that or you were participating in the same foolery as these educators…I will say that people are entitled to their own opinion, and there is nothing we can do about how people think or feel…But to blatantly degrade a student or a child period is far beyond disappointing and disgusting…We hear about children all the time killing themselves based on how others view them, and here you have grown ass women, teachers who took an oath to education our children in a nurturing environment…They all failed at that…You have no clue what people are dealing with behind closed doors or mentally…So, for an adult to act as childish and inconsiderate as this, I fee no pity for them…And WHO IN THE HELL TOLD YOU these kids want those teachers back at school…That is a lie you told yourself…And another thing…So the hell what if they are around children who display manners that are not appropriate, who say things that are degrading, and who act a certain way…These people are adults and at the end of the day, the students are still bc children…Again, you have got to be crazy to even take the time to post that BS you posted…Clearly you’re not affected because they didn’t mention your child in the messages…OR you are one of the bitches that participated in that shit and you are posting under a fake name trying to save face…I’m going with the second one…You are one of them…Last time I checked LOVE IS WHAT LOVE DOES…And if you can’t stand the heat get your ass out the kitchen…

    • So adults are unable to know better than to copy inappropriate behavior from children? Did you seriously just suggest that just because a student did it, an adult teacher wouldn’t know it was unacceptable? A teacher should be dedicated to helping their students not making fun of them. A teacher should know better than to use racial slurs and offensive bigoted language.
      I am a teacher and I am completely stunned that you would suggest that because they heard the kids do something they didn’t know any better than to copy them.

    • No. As an educator, NO educator should use these words under any circumstances! There is no justification of it saying it’s regular slang they hear and how good of teachers they are. If they are nor racist and good teachers they would call the students out for using those terms also- black or white! Stop trying to further justify this. It’s not ok ever.

    • You obviously do not understand or respect the level of trust needed between educators and their students. It doesn’t matter if it was “never meant to be heard” or “common slang”. Your duty as an educator is to create a workable educational environment, and who the hell learns from an attitude of “fuck you I know what you are and it’s trash”?

      You go to hell with your defense of these trashpits. As an educator myself I’m thoroughly disgusted and they deserve so much more retribution than they could receive. These people are entrusted with the dreams and self-images of hundreds of children a year and this disgusting attitude just…. I’m speechless. I can’t hate it or their defenders enough. If it’s “ok because it was meant to be private” you’re exactly the problem.

    • As an educator myself, I’m absolutely appalled that you are A. Blaming the victims for using what is culturally appropriate slang to call themselves, but in no way gives license to white people to use that same slang as a way to demean. And B. That you think a college educated, adult would lack the common sense not to use racial slurs about minor students! If they are that naive to think it’s ok to use racist terms because they’ve heard a BPoC use it, then they have no business teaching regardless if they “meant any harm” or not. What a sad and pitiful excuse for a teacher.

    • You have to be an idiot or one of the antagonist hiding under a fake name to think this is ok. People like you are why the world is so cold and heartless. You know why they did this? Because they ate all punk ass Pathetic excuses for human beings just like the jerk of a superintendent! To the parents fight this legally! Dont let these scum win & continue to degrade your children! !

      • I agree with you, people with good hearts/intentions don’t behave like those teachers. They don’t deserve the title of teacher.

    • Let’s not make a reason ,they are adults .you be follower when you where a kid .i am a teacher for over 14 yrs you don’t follow suit. As a parent you are a roll model and as a teacher you are a parent to the kids for the hours they are with us.

    • Are you serious? Are you really an adult? Whether these black kids go around using the word (without the “ER”) that white society made synonymous to my people, doesn’t give any other race to use it in a derogatory manner towards us. ITS RACISTS! No way of twisting that ignorance! And furthermore, as a teacher, a leader, an educator to these students, shouldn’t their reaction be to teacher these students the importance of togetherness? No segregation through words and threats of violence? And you’re fine with your children going to this school that allows teachers to bully kids! You just as sick and ignorant and these lil girls who calls themselves educators. This is a disgrace to teachers everywhere. And you are a disgrace to parents near and far! I’ve seen students who did practically the same as these teachers and we’re expelled from school. Not suspended for a few days. This is societal BS! And only in these southern rasicts ass towns can you still find this slick Jim Crow, white hood wearing, whites only water fountain, whites are the supreme being ass mess! These fools should lose their teaching license all together!

    • There was no “mistake” made. They didn’t accidentally spew those racist slurs. They said those things with intent and repeatedly. Even if they do hear it from students, they are obligated to remain professional. Your comment is just as racists as their vile tongue.

    • Lady cut the bullshittt they grown ass women and know right from wrong more than they students so with that being said you can’t justify racism sounding just as racist as them !!! Question how don’t you see those comments in the group chat for what they are RACIST 😠😡

    • Don’t sugar coat BS. What they did was reprehensible and they should find another career, where they can use their racist talents.

    • I’ve known many racist teachers growing up. I doubt your statement that all the students want the teachers back, unless they were unaware of what the teachers posted. It’s likely your child is lying to you, not wanting to hurt your feelings. I, as a person who endured teachers who were racist pigs, even after 56 years still despise them. They earned my unending contempt.

  4. You know you are lying. No child would ever want to be around someone who they know hates them and has made fun of them. What concerns me most about your statement is the filmsy excuse that it is the childrens fault that the teachers use this type of language because they hear students using it. Teachers are the role model. If they are so easily influenced by children then they dont deserve to be teachers.

  5. Congrats Vanessa….. you just made the dumbest comment I’ve read all month. How dare you blame the kids!? You must think the same way they do….

  6. This is very sad, but it’s expected. Doesn’t surprise me one bit! But even if the teachers were fired, it still wouldn’t make a difference because that kind of discrimination/hatred is in their hearts; it’s not until an unfair, unjust or discriminatory act occurs against THEIR OWN, that they’ll feel an effect. As a student of color, I’ve seen instances where I’ve had to strive 10 times harder to receive a fraction of what my classmate received, because their skin color alone spoke volumes and caused unfair/unjust elevation FOR them (when I was in 7th grade, I knew my average was higher than my classmate, but somehow she edged me out for the award; but it wasn’t until AFTER we walked across the stage @ high school graduation she confirmed what I knew to be true all along! As we reminisced about our journey from Kindergarten to Graduation, she asked me remember 7th grade awards? Mrs. T “GAVE” me an extra point to exceed your average. That let’s me know she never forgot, just as I didn’t forget! Children are innocent until twisted adults poison their minds. I’m not here to bash or be mean, but to speak from personal experiences. Truth is, if I’m qualified, I SHOULD be afforded the same opportunities as others, without skin color being a factor! And we wonder why so much evil is all around….it’s because no one is showing love! I’m willing to bet the majority of the teachers involved attend church and pray over their families….well guess what? We love our children & families just as passionately as the next family does. One thing about heaven, it’s not segregated….so you can love me NOW or love me LATER…. but IF you’re going to heaven, YOU WILL LOVE ME❤️

  7. These teachers that was involved should be FIRED!!!! .. this as zero tolerance for such racist behavior!!! Grown-ups that should be leading by example!!! WTH!!! … my heart goes out to these innocent children!🙁

  8. White privilege again. These are so called teachers? No, they are full blown racist white supremacy reprobates. They all should be fired!

    • Shared! Maybe we can get some attention if it is shared enough! I have not lived in Alabama in some time but my mother still drives a bus in the same community I grew up in! She treats those kids as if they are hers! No baby or child deserves to be treated this way!

  9. I wasn’t raised in Alabama, my dad was career Army so we moved ALOT, but I settled in Bham 18 years ago. I’ve never been comfortable with folks using the n word, black & especially white folks. The comments I’m reading about how these teachers are good people, they’re good teachers, they didn’t mean it, they’re embarrassed, this was just private banter, etc. – ALL of these statements are part of the problem. The fact that EVERYONE isn’t appalled and calling for stiff penalties is part of the problem. We quietly excuse the nasty name calling, you don’t judge them harshly for their racists rants. People, come on!! They showed their true selves, stop ignoring it. It’s just like making excuses for the wife beater. (He’s really a great guy…a good dad….a great coach)
    The only way this is ever gonna stop is when a bright light is on it and we all, in unison, say – this isn’t Ok, ever!! Not in private, not ever. If you feel like you must keep the n word in your vocabulary, public school teacher is NOT the job for you. Shame on the board for not giving them a longer suspension and requiring community service and remedial lessons on equality. I think forgiveness is the answer, but they must also atone and mean it. Otherwise, it’s lipservice and hollow apologies don’t mend the torn of the community.

    • Absolutely…10 days is practically a two week vacation! They showed their true colors and honestly more people should be completely disgusted by it!! The excuses being made for them is pathetic! They are not good teachers, good people, or even decent human beings!! Honestly I wouldn’t even care if they went through some type of course for diversity or whatever…they do not deserve to be teaching our youth!!! That type of hate does not change just because you took an 8 hour course on becoming more tolerant to those that don’t look like you to save a job. At some point we have to stop being so forgiving until people show they’re worthy of the very forgiveness they refuse to give others!!

  10. You all claim to dislike the hate, but clearly promote the hate with your ignorant, biased, and racist comments against the teachers. Hopefully they will see their mistake and correct it, even use it as a platform to spur racial harmony as ALL people pull together to help the students through this. If you spew hate for the teachers you are as much of the problem as the teachers. This article and these nasty comments have done nothing but further racial division that already exists. Shame on the teachers and shame on you all who are using it to promote your agenda. If forgiveness is the answer, then FORGIVE and move on.

    • Shut the fuck up bitch. No one is promoting hate. They are standing up to the bs that is happening right now and you sound stupid as fuck just like Vannessa. You sound like one of those racist piece of shits. Get the fuck outta here. You think that we can just forgive something like this? And that those teachers may have made a mistake and they actually truly feel remorseful? Bullshit. They know what they were doing. By doing that shit the teachers are the ones promoting hate and we find it unacceptable. MAYBE THEY SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN RACIST ASSHOLES IF THEY DIDN’T WANT PEOPLE TO REACT TO THIS. It’s the teachers faults. They are racist and should be fired. There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for doing things like this. They are adults and should act like one. Get your fucking racist ass out of here. You’re probably one of those old ass Racist boomers that Likes to make up excuses for white people’s bullshit. There i fucking said white people because you know this happens to poc way more often than white people. Stop talking bullshit when this is clearly a racist act not some “mistake” the teacher should have known better. You, scout, are a dumbass and should shut the fuck up.

      • Wow. How articulate and colorful you are with your language. Further evidence that racism goes both ways. It must be miserable to be so angry and vengeful against people who are different from you. You are no different than the teachers in the chat.

        • Swearing is universally understood and appropriate when outraged and not at all racist. Also for the record SCOUT calling racist out doesn’t make you racist it makes you honest. Defending racist makes you racist because decent people that are not racist would never.

          • I disagree with your comment that swearing is appropriate in any instance. The racist was perpetuated with the blanket comment about “white people’s bull—-“.

        • White people’s bullshit is not a racist comment especially in a situation where blantant racism has existed. The only person you should be pointing a finger is these teachers not the people who are enraged by it because all you do is justify the racist bullshit which continues to create the “racial divide.”

          • “White people’s bulls—-“ is altogether a racist comment. It is blatantly racist against anyone who is white. Racism can go both ways and clearly does as is supported by this thread. The finger should be pointed at ANYONE who continues to use skin color to define behaviors.

        • For Scout:

          You are only looking at this through priveledged eyes. You should educate yourself.

          Way to uphold White supremacy by accusing those who are fighting it of being racist for expressing anger. Way to blame victims by accussing them of division for reacting to the division created bu others.

          Fighting racism isn’t racist. Fighting hate isn’t hate.Full stop.

          I do find hope in the abundance of comments putting you and Vanessa in your place, especially since so many are Alabama residents.

          • Expressing anger in and of itself is not racist. Attacking and threatening violence against someone for their skin color IS racist.
            I never accused the victims of the text of creating division, I clearly agree that the teacher chat created division and that the accusatory and hateful comments here perpetuate it.
            I find it disheartening that your “hope” is found in comments that are full of rage, hate, and unkind words.
            Throwing around words like “white privilege” and “white supremacy” is not necessary or helpful.
            I don’t know what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes, but neither do you know what it’s like to walk a mile in mine. Believe it or not, it’s possible to disagree without “fighting”.

    • They furthered racial division when they decided to create that hate filled group. Do us all a favor and go tell your sentiments and lets move on to them. They need to be held accountable there is no throwing rocks and hide your hands when it comes any child black white yellow green gay or straight! FIRE THEM NOW DAVID SEWELL!

      • You are right in that they furthered racial division with their group conversation. They ARE being held accountable and have been given a punishment of 10 days unpaid leave. I understand that you must disagree with that consequence, but joining in the hate and division is senseless.

    • How is that possible? These women made hateful comments casually and for fun. Some of the people here are outraged at their actions and the punishment. Sorry, racist does not get a pass. Anyone that can empathize with a racist is probably a racist. #sorrynotsorry

      • How is forgiveness possible? Only through God.
        Racism isn’t getting a pass, the teachers were punished. I never empathized with the teachers as I do not understand or share their feelings. I also do not share the need to spread hate and slander another person regardless of the color of their skin and that is what commenters on this thread continue to do. How is that any more acceptable than the comments of the teachers?

    • There is no hate in calling wrong wrong! They didn’t make a mistake they made a choice to organize a group of low-class, ignorant women to disparage and denigrate gays and minorities! They didn’t trip and those words fell from their mouths! They selected the hateful things they said over and over again. Your attempt to defend them shows you to be exactly what they are: SLUGS!

      • Alisa, are we reading the same comments? There is a lot more to the comments than saying the teachers were wrong. I think everyone, even Vanessa, agrees that they were wrong.
        The comments here are just as hateful, malicious, and WRONG as the ones made in the group chat. We shouldn’t use our outrage as an excuse to imitate the very behavior that has enraged us.
        I do not defend them or their actions and the attacks of these commenters should not be defended.
        Instead of resorting to name-calling, maybe civilly disagree and share an opinion.

    • You sound foolish and you’re apart of this epidemic. The word “teacher” should hold positive weight. They should be leading by example. For u to try to negate the obvious is sickening. If any part of you feels this is justifiable you’re a piece of shit just like the 6 of them. They weren’t using those words because those students do. They were using them to degrade those kids and your ass know it. You need to be slapped silly for even insinuating such…ugh🤬🙄

    • Scout, honestly you are part of the problem, whether you realize it or not! These females are not being held accountable with a 10 day suspension. That’s the equivalent of a slap on the wrist. The very people you are judging for their outrage, have every right to be upset. You don’t have to agree with the avenue they choose to express their emotion! I’m going to assume you are a white male based off the position you took pertaining to this topic. You can’t and will never understand their reasoning for being upset and angry! Honestly, I won’t either because I’m a white female and I’ve never lived a day in their lives or walked a mile in their shoes! I can have empathy toward their experiences and not sit here and act like everything should just be forgiven! At this moment, these females do not deserve forgiveness! They are adults, having juvenile, offensive, and racist conversations about kids they are supposed to be teaching and their parents. What have they done to earn forgiveness? Don’t even say the 10 day suspension because they didn’t have anything to do with that slap on the wrist being given out. They probably think it’s “unfair”! If you really care about the “racial divides” you speak of, stop thinking forgiveness should be automatic when this type of shit happens! If they have taken zero steps to earn it, they don’t deserve it! They also have no business teaching our youth!

      • So this is the unforgivable sin?
        A person should be able to disagree with something and be upset without attacking in the same hateful ways that have offended them. People have a right to feel however they want about the situation and express themselves how they see fit. We must all understand, however, that how we respond can either perpetuate the negativity and hate or bring positivity and peace.

    • Except when a child is involved. My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Salgado TERRORIZED me and scarred me for life. Many years later, when I confronted her, she turned it around and blamed it on me. She never too responsibility for the harm she caused. Some people are just horrible people and need to pay for their ABHORRENT behavior!


  12. I can’t believe adults are screaming forgive, they should be punished. Their jobs are too shape the future not get caught up in pettiness. Talking crap about children that are different from you is definitely not Christian. The only reason they’re remorseful or want sympathy is because they got caught.

  13. Tell you what, if my kid was part of this school, I would sue the teachers, school district, and anyone else involved in this BS. Only way you get people attention is hit them in their pocket books.

  14. This is bull shit and they need to get the NAACP and civil right attorneys involved in this . It is a good thing they did not say that to my child because I would not allow the slap on the wrist. I am tired of the injustice it is time for an eye for an eye and time to make these racist white people pay for their actions and 10 days off without pay is not it. Maybe they needs their low down ass beat

  15. Stop all that pity shit ,if was a black teacher they would have he/ she head on a platter you miss me with that BS that’s what’s wrong with this country cover up the bullshit of one race while the other catch hell do your fucking research

    • Agree Damon. Had they been black teachers they would have been FIRED immediately and probably prosecuted. There’s definitely a double standard when it comes to race and crimes.

  16. They use ebonics in written communication. Just like hood rats. I’m betting that on the DL they’re “against” some Blacks more than others. Perhaps 4-5 times a week even. That might be part of the problem – bitterness.

  17. In Time they will get there just due . Keep exposing them .I just pray for the Students I hope they use this experience as motivation to become successful. God can turn this into the best thing that ever happen Trust.

    • Agree Tiffany. The teachers got a slap on the wrist BUT had one of the parents retaliated they would have been put in jail. I have no doubt that’s the way it would have played out.

  18. Shame on all those that are allowing that I made a mistake excuse to stand…These teachers deserve to be fired…If those students disrespected the teachers they can be expelled or arrested….The parents should ban together and get these teachers fired….If you knew you had trouble with kids skin color just maybe they should have chose another profession.

  19. And one of the teachers involved has a child with Down Syndrome. Hard for me to imagine she would ok with her childs teacher talking in a derogatory manor about her child. I assume, as a mother with a child with disabilities, she would not want her child made fun of for their difficulties and struggles or for being different. As a teacher she should know better. As a parent, she should REALLY know better.

  20. FIRE THEY ASS! If the tables were turned and it was a group of AFRICAN AMERICANS don’t doubt they would have been FIRED IMMEDIATELY. So all y’all talking about it’s a mistake etc….get the HELL ON! We NEED to protest this NATIONWIDE. It’s UNACCEPTABLE and I don’t have any school age kids but my grandkids could be affected by this kind of cruel behavior. FIRE THEY ASS NOW!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  21. I have an idea for a reality show: those teachers should be airdropped into separate high schools in the South Bronx for ten days to see who survives. The last one alive gets shot in the head.

  22. Those evil pieces of trash should need police escort until they are as far away from children as possible. If any student of color is in their class, a law suit should be filed for each student. These female dogs will keep doing it. They should not be able to sleep, for fear of being treated like they treat others.

  23. People of Alabama. I am from Texas. In my home town of Gilmer, we just had an incident qith a racist biz owner. She received massive backlash to the point of being closed down and kicked out of chamber. STAND UP. Go viral, go to the media, TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL, request meetings with these teachers, file grievance with your state board of ed in Alabama, contact Don Lemon at CNN. Do not take this

  24. Yall need to get with the times and get your facts right because: the person she was referring to when she said the “N” word wasn’t even black. He is a white boy. AND they had a GROUP TEXT going on-not a Facebook Group. There is a HUGE difference. And I dont know any of these people, but it’s obvious to me that they are pals when they aren’t teaching at school and prob have been for years. Sounds like they might have cosmos together on Friday nights or something and they were just talking like pals talk. Not like racists or white supremacists or haters of any kind. They just made a huge mistake typing it out on a computer instead of keeping that kind of language to the cosmos.

    • Before you spread your complete ignorance your first priority should be to MAKE SURE your facts are straight before you declare anything you say as a FACT!!!

      #1 the young man that is being referred to as a “NIGGER” in this HATE GROUP FULL OF messages by Juliee Summerford Lasseter is BLACK! His nick name is PJ which she clearly states and his real name is (((Preyun Snell))). Do your RESERACH.

      Heres the original article for future reference & it can be googled as well.

      #2. You don’t speak facts so please stay anonymous your not worth the remainder of your comment being addressed.

  25. Call the board, and superintendent. Vote them out. Call the school also. If I got that teacher. I would so to be moves to another class. No students no teaching.

  26. These women target kids. Pick with some grown adults and see how fast they pick their teeth up off the ground. I would love to meet the so called bad bitches…lol…what a joke. Ignorant cowards.


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