Incoming Supt. Provides EVIDENCE of BIAS in Sewell Houston County B.O.E. School Board Decision

(Left): Current Superintendent David Sewell (Right): Incoming Superintendent Brandy White

Houston County Board of Education Alabama– The campaign for newly elected Superintendent Brandy White then Candidate Brandy White has heavily circulated a recording of current Superintendent David Sewell in a hearing for the Hostile Environment complaints of teachers in Rehobeth Schools.

In this recording you can hear Superintendent David Sewell reference the situation in Ashford, AL as a “Whatever Situation.”Remember this is the situation concerning the Bad A-Bs , racist, discriminatory, sexist, homophobic, teachers who formed a gang and communicated via a Facebook chat group to deliberately discriminate and defame and derail black students and students of other protected communities.

At the time David Sewell the Superintendent was preparing for but had not conducted the hearing for the Infamous Ashford Alabama Bad A-Bs teachers who clearly violated the civil rights of students. To add insult to injury not only is Sewell referring to the Ashford situation as a “Whatever Situation” but one of the Rehobeth teachers is also.

Whenever a recommendation and or board decision has been made in an arbitrary and capricious fashion the decision is due to be DISQUALIFIED. This is not the only problem the school board has in this situation but aside from the fact that the incoming Superintendent’s campaign staff actually provided this evidence of BIAS. 

One of the teachers in Ashford, AL Bad Abs gang is married to a sitting school board member. In other districts across the nation Attorney Generals have called for teachers in this position to return all money paid on their contract. In others the school district has been barred from entering into a contract with a relative of the school board member at all.

This is clearly enough along with the requests from the N.A.A.C.P. and the New Justice Coalition for the state Superintendent Dr. Mackey and the Governor Kay Ivey, who is the President of the Alabama School Board, to step in and see to it that this volatile situation comes to a reasonable conclusion for all parties. We have reached out to the incoming Superintendent for comment and will update you accordingly as well as Superintendent David Sewell who knew better and has been rebuked by the voters both white and black and all races in Houston County which shows progress that we are concerned about right vs. wrong as a community not just stuck on black vs. white. After all we can all agree that we must protect our students at all costs.

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