In images released the homeless community of Las Vegas can been seen sleeping six feet apart in what appears to be boxes outlined in white paint on the pavement.

The makeshift homeless shelter is located in the parking lot of the Cashman center. It was created just days after the closing of Catholic Charities’ homeless shelter when one of the men using the facility tested positive for the Corona Virus.

Once the facility was forced to close that left more than 500 homeless Vegas American’s scrambling for a place to take shelter.

Nearby facilities had already reached their max capacity which led to the opening of such a facility.

Once the pictures began to surface twitter did not take to kindly to the “horrid” sleeping conditions:

“Horrid! Evidence of a failed society that cannot provide for its citizens the most basic of human needs,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Las Vegas is putting homeless people in parking lots while the city’s hotels are completely empty. For some reason, this photo sums up for me everything that is wrong with this country & its response to the COVID-19 crisis,” another Twitter user said.

When David Riggleman the communications director for the City of Las Vegas, was asked why did they not just open up the Cashman center and allow them to sleep there he responded with it is being used for overflow of patients at the hospital.

He also said Catholic Charities plans to open its shelter by mid-week, at which point the temporary shelter will close.

At this time it is still unclear if Catholic Charities has began to open its doors again or not.

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