Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Calls for Handcuffs To Be Immediately Removed from Jacob Blake


29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot several times this past Sunday by a Kenosha,Wisconsin police officer.

Just this week Jacobs father, Jacob Blake Sr., revealed his son is parlayzed from the waist down, his spine is severed, and several other major organs are damaged.

Today he has also revealed that his son who is already suffering from a number of unimaginable medical conditions due to this horrific shooting is also handcuffed to his hospital bed.

During a CNN interview, Mandela Barnes, who is the Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin called for the handcuffs to be removed from Jacobs immediately.

Many all across the nation are absolutely furious and outraged at the treatment the white 17-year-old who drove across state lines with a high powered assault rifle and killed two protestors while injuring one has been treated versus the unconscionable treatment Jacobs who is black has received after breaking up a domestic dispute between two individuals.

Protestors have been on the street for the last four nights and many have stated they will be there until the officer who is seen on video grabbing Jacobs by his white T-shirt and shooting him multiple times execution style in his back in front of his three children is arrested, charged, and convicted.

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