Millions Of Americans In Limbo As Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Set To Expire


Time is quickly winding down as 30 million Americans are set to loose the extra $600 a week that was passed under the Cares Act in March to provide extra funds for those who lost jobs due to the unfortunate outbreak of COIVD-19.

In May Democrats brought forth another package called the Heroes Act. In it they are calling to extend and expand the $600 stating that it is helping to keep many Americans afloat and will continue to as corona-virus cases are now at all time highs.

Even with cases spiking, more people being laid off, and businesses closing temporarily some permanently Republicans are proposing to cut those extra benefits down from $600 a week to an extra $200 a week instead.

Their argument is its causing many to not want to return back to work but many are debunking that myth saying if I could go back I would. I prefer working over sitting in the house.

Others have stated that they are still employed but their hours have been cut drastically therefore if the benefits are cut with the amount of hours they are working they could loose everything.

With this being classified as one of the greatest economic crisis in the U.S. since the Great Depression many are calling for an agreement to be reached by Friday to keep the benefits from expiring and cutting them from $600 to zero would not be logical.

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