New Testimony: Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney was Sexually Assaulted Before Being Murdered


Birmingham, AL– Derrick Irisha Brown, 29, had an appearance in court today after being charged with capital murder in the case of 3-year-old Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, who was kidnapped on Saturday Oct. 12 from a birthday party in the Tom Brown Village public housing community and confirmed as dying by asphyxiation the same day.

According to a report by CBS24 news, during Brown’s court appearance, Birmingham Police Detective Jonathan Ross said Brown testified in an interview that she saw Stallworth sexually assault McKinney in their apartment.

Brown’s defense claims within the FBI DNA report it was noted that Stallworth’s DNA was found on McKinney’s fingernails and Brown’s was not. Brown’s defense provided a jail photo in which a small scratch is visible on Stallworth’s torso.

In Stallworth’s court appearance earlier this week, prosecutors argued that Brown was with him for the entirety of the Saturday McKinney disappeared. Prosecutors say that on that day around noon, the couple was seen offering candy to middle school girls near Tom Brown Village.

According to a witness statement presented in court Friday, Brown said to another young female that day, “We were looking for someone who looks just like you.”

In Stallworth’s court appearance, prosecutors said that there was evidence of a mattress inside the suspects’ apartment indicating a mixture of blood and DNA from Brown, Stallworth and McKinney. Meth and Trazadone, a sedative prescribed to Stallworth, was found in McKinney’s system, testimony revealed during Stallworth’s hearing. His defense team argued he was asleep for much of the time McKinney was at their apartment.

In his final statements Friday, Judge Clyde Jones said it’s evident that Brown and Stallworth worked together and that one or both of them sexually abused McKinney and caused her death.

Browns case will go before a grand jury, if convicted, Brown and Stallworth could face the death penalty.

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