U.S. Unemployment Claims Soar Pass 30 Million

Last week alone 3.8 million Americans filed new jobless claims the Department of Labor reported Thursday, bringing the grand total for the...

Jesus Save My Soul

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Trump Mad : Called Satanic in Easter Sermon by Alabama Pastor

Listen to this pastor call on America to pray to God to Make America Great Again because TRUMP messed America up! @revjvwhitehurst

Pastor To America: “Call On Dr. Jesus”

https://youtu.be/2Q5btUetAc8 Follow @revjvwhitehurst on twitter. The Fouder of: http://www.keepblackhistoryalive.org facebook.com/keepourhistoryalivehttps://www.reportofthesouth.com Full Part 1 of the sermon "Say Your Prayers":God's...

Bernie Sanders Ends 2020 Presidential Bid

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced to his staff on an early Wednesday morning phone call that he is suspending his campaign for...

Coronavirus Sermon : Say Your Prayers

https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCEZx0buo3WAhh9hLuLimuNw https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCEZx0buo3WAhh9hLuLimuNw

Alabama Rep. Dexter Grimsley Loses Sister To Covid-19

Lorianne Shakespear, the sister of Dexter Grimsley who represents D-District 85 of Alabama, passed this weekend due to the Coronavirus.

Black People Are Dying at Three Times The Rate of Other Races Due To...

The Michigan state health department provided COVID-19 data by race for the first time Thursday in its daily report.

Las Vegas Homeless Sleeping Six Feet Apart In Parking Lot

In images released the homeless community of Las Vegas can been seen sleeping six feet apart in what appears to be boxes...