Dothan, AL– Bolivia Windham, who is a manager at the Publix located at Cottonwood Corners, and her husband Tim Windham are under fire for their refusal to refund tenants their deposit on a mobile home they rented admittedly knowing it was infested with rats.

The couple posted the mobile home for rent via the Facebook market. The tenants stated they went and viewed the home but didn’t see any signs of what turned out to be a nightmare after sundown.

140 Boyette Drive Slocomb, AL 36375

Me, my husband, and my three children including a new born moved in earlier on Sunday the tenant stated.

“By the time nightfall began as we were attempting to unpack essential items we saw a rat run across the floor of the kitchen. Exhausted and tired from packing, moving, and unloading we thought it may just be one that’s entered and just needs to be caught. That night we drove to the store and bought a few snap traps to bait with peanut butter. We placed them around the kitchen and went to bed. In about 30 minutes of us closing our bedroom doors we started to hear the rodents in the walls running. They could then be heard on the kitchen floor they were slipping the bait from the traps without triggering them. We did not sleep that night it was so bad. From about 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. they squeaked, scratched, and ran. The next day we bought sticky traps. We set them that night turned the lights out barricaded our kids in a room and went outside in the cold to see what would happen. I text Bolivia and Tim Windham informing them the rats were running us out. Her response was her husband would be over in the morning but I then began to explain that they were terrible we could not rest the first night because of them. He came over about 30 minutes later we went inside and there was about 10 rats already caught on the traps in less than 45 minutes. He stated he had been throwing rat poison out and even attempted to catch one with his hand when the former tenants lived there. That triggered red flags for us. We then went on for the night to try and rest and they could then still be heard in the walls, the bathrooms, the ceiling etc. We made up our minds immediately we were moving out as soon as possible. We caught a total of about 20 in four nights and there are still many in the walls as we awaited funds to become free so we could rent yet another U-Haul to move out.”

The Windhams were informed by the tenant that they would be moving out and that their deposit of $500 would need to be returned as they did not sign up to live in a place infested with rats. The Windhams have refused to return the deposit and have ceased communications.

In the midst of a surging coronavirus pandemic and the holidays right around the corner the Windhams had a plan to swindle potential tenants out of a $500 deposit and $700 monthly in rent for a home that they knew was not in living condition.

The now former tenants stated this needs to be brought to the public’s attention landlords like this need to be revealed so others do not get caught up with them.

This is a warning to you that these are not good individuals they are looking to steal your money and place you in a home that they know is overrun with rodents.

These people have caused us to expend hundreds of dollars between moving in, buying food because the home couldn’t be cooked in, activating utilities, buying rodent control items, and moving out within a few days and they are seriously refusing to return our deposit the tenants added.

With the U.S. in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression the tenant added no one has money to throw away and just give to them, we are in the middle of a recession.

Tim Windham made a point to mention the tenant before my family and I just showed up handed them the keys and left. The true reason for them doing that has now been discovered the rats ran them out too she added.

The Geneva county fire marshals and health department have been put on notice of this occurrence.

Update 11/09/2020: Bolivia Windham escorted from courtroom after discovering the whereabouts of the tenant who exposed the condition of her and her husbands rental property. Tim Windham had already stepped out he was barred from returning.

If you have had any issues with your landlord in the midst of this pandemic feel free to email us at with your story and any evidence.



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