Retired lawyer, 93, to pay $9.5M for shooting his son


A San Diego jury found a 93-year-old retired attorney civilly liable for killing his son a year ago and awarded the dead man’s widow and son $9.5 million in damages.

The jury deliberated for several hours before returning the unanimous verdict against Richard Peck. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Annette Peck, estranged wife of the victim, Robert Peck, and their son Ryan.

The elder Peck claimed self-defense the night of Nov. 14, 2018, when he took out a shotgun and killed his son. His lawyer said the son had threatened his father, tormented him and tried to scare him into a heart attack so he could receive his inheritance more quickly.

The elder Peck was arrested and charged in San Diego Superior Court with murder. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

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