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Dothan Publix Manager Under Fire For Rental of Rat Infested Home


Dothan, AL– Bolivia Windham, who is a manager at the Publix located at Cottonwood Corners, and her husband Tim Windham are under fire for their refusal to refund tenants their deposit on a mobile home they rented admittedly knowing it was infested with rats.

The couple posted the mobile home for rent via the Facebook market. The tenants stated they went and viewed the home but didn’t see any signs of what turned out to be a nightmare after sundown.

140 Boyette Drive Slocomb, AL 36375

Me, my husband, and my three children including a new born moved in earlier on Sunday the tenant stated.

“By the time nightfall began as we were attempting to unpack essential items we saw a rat run across the floor of the kitchen. Exhausted and tired from packing, moving, and unloading we thought it may just be one that’s entered and just needs to be caught. That night we drove to the store and bought a few snap traps to bait with peanut butter. We placed them around the kitchen and went to bed. In about 30 minutes of us closing our bedroom doors we started to hear the rodents in the walls running. They could then be heard on the kitchen floor they were slipping the bait from the traps without triggering them. We did not sleep that night it was so bad. From about 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. they squeaked, scratched, and ran. The next day we bought sticky traps. We set them that night turned the lights out barricaded our kids in a room and went outside in the cold to see what would happen. I text Bolivia and Tim Windham informing them the rats were running us out. Her response was her husband would be over in the morning but I then began to explain that they were terrible we could not rest the first night because of them. He came over about 30 minutes later we went inside and there was about 10 rats already caught on the traps in less than 45 minutes. He stated he had been throwing rat poison out and even attempted to catch one with his hand when the former tenants lived there. That triggered red flags for us. We then went on for the night to try and rest and they could then still be heard in the walls, the bathrooms, the ceiling etc. We made up our minds immediately we were moving out as soon as possible. We caught a total of about 20 in four nights and there are still many in the walls as we awaited funds to become free so we could rent yet another U-Haul to move out.”

The Windhams were informed by the tenant that they would be moving out and that their deposit of $500 would need to be returned as they did not sign up to live in a place infested with rats. The Windhams have refused to return the deposit and have ceased communications.

In the midst of a surging coronavirus pandemic and the holidays right around the corner the Windhams had a plan to swindle potential tenants out of a $500 deposit and $700 monthly in rent for a home that they knew was not in living condition.

The now former tenants stated this needs to be brought to the public’s attention landlords like this need to be revealed so others do not get caught up with them.

This is a warning to you that these are not good individuals they are looking to steal your money and place you in a home that they know is overrun with rodents.

These people have caused us to expend hundreds of dollars between moving in, buying food because the home couldn’t be cooked in, activating utilities, buying rodent control items, and moving out within a few days and they are seriously refusing to return our deposit the tenants added.

With the U.S. in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression the tenant added no one has money to throw away and just give to them, we are in the middle of a recession.

Tim Windham made a point to mention the tenant before my family and I just showed up handed them the keys and left. The true reason for them doing that has now been discovered the rats ran them out too she added.

The Geneva county fire marshals and health department have been put on notice of this occurrence.

Update 11/09/2020: Bolivia Windham escorted from courtroom after discovering the whereabouts of the tenant who exposed the condition of her and her husbands rental property. Tim Windham had already stepped out he was barred from returning.

If you have had any issues with your landlord in the midst of this pandemic feel free to email us at with your story and any evidence.

Analysis-How Biden could use foreign and trade policy to protect the Amazon rainforest

Indigenous people from the Mura tribe show a deforested area in unmarked indigenous lands inside the Amazon rainforest near Humaita, Amazonas State, Brazil August 20, 2019. Picture taken August 20, 2019. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino - RC116FD51B00

– As U.S. President Joe Biden develops his climate change agenda for the global stage, foreign and trade policies could also be used to tackle the thorny issue of rising deforestation in the Amazon, researchers and former officials said.

A U.S. executive order issued by Biden in January to address the “profound climate crisis” requested officials to develop a “plan for promoting the protection of the Amazon rainforest and other critical ecosystems that serve as global carbon sinks”.

During his election campaign, Biden also raised the prospect of mobilizing $20 billion toward safeguarding the Amazon.

Academics from 10 U.S. and Brazilian universities, together with environmental groups, backed a report last month on how Biden should deal with Brazil, advising the president to limit commodities imports through an executive order.

They called for U.S. policy to block goods linked to forest destruction – mainly beef, soy and timber – coming in from Brazil, which is home to roughly 60% of the Amazon and where deforestation is on the rise.

“The United States has a responsibility and contributes indirectly to deforestation in Brazil,” said Mariana Mota, public policy coordinator at Greenpeace Brazil.

“So the most important (thing) … is that these products do not have free access to (the United States),” she said.

Protecting tropical rainforests is regarded as a vital buffer against global warming because of the vast amounts of planet-heating carbon dioxide they absorb.

But clearing of the Amazon for agriculture, mining and other commercial activities is sapping its ability to act as a carbon sink, scientists have warned.

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon surged to a 12-year high in 2020, according to government data published in November.

Attaching conditions that would help preserve the Amazon to foreign policy issues of concern to Brazil’s right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro could also be effective, said experts.

U.S. support for Brazil’s bid to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, for instance, should be tied to a firmer commitment by Brazil to protect its forests, resources and people, said Nara Baré, coordinator of COIAB, the largest umbrella group for Brazil’s Amazon indigenous tribes.


Spearheaded by funding from Norway, countries including Brazil, Colombia and Peru have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years for emissions avoided by cracking down on illegal forest-clearing in the Amazon.

Some climate finance experts say the United States could help promote such “results-based payments”.

But Carlos Rittl, a former executive secretary of the Brazil-based Climate Observatory, a nonprofit network, questioned the effectiveness of economic incentives for Brazil.

“It’s not a lack of money that stops Bolsonaro’s government from protecting the Amazon,” he said.

Environmentalists say Bolsonaro’s policies have weakened conservation efforts and his rhetoric has emboldened illegal ranchers, loggers and land speculators to cut down the Amazon forest to expand their business.

In the United States, a bipartisan group of former U.S. cabinet officials and chief climate negotiators recently outlined policy recommendations to the Biden administration about how best to protect the Amazon rainforest.

The Climate Principals group called for “robust diplomacy” that includes the United States engaging with Brazil and providing new economic incentives to limit deforestation.

They recommended that Congress expand the Lacey Act – which already bans the import of illegally trafficked wildlife, plants and timber – to prohibit the import of agricultural commodities grown on illegally deforested land.

Britain is planning to introduce similar legislation.

Private and public funding and “results-based” payment systems for proven emissions reductions should also be used to bolster forest conservation, the U.S. group said.

In addition, it called for laws to require U.S. consumer goods and agricultural firms to investigate and report on deforestation in their supply chains, and a ban on imports of products from illegally deforested land in future trade deals.

Group member Frank Loy, a former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs and lead U.S. climate negotiator under President Bill Clinton, said Biden’s team would step up diplomacy to tackle climate change and deforestation.

“The Biden administration is likely to be very active in trying to help Brazil to be responsible in the development of the Amazon,” Loy told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“I expect Brazil will be quite diligent in protecting the sovereignty of its role in the Amazon rainforest but I don’t expect that it will be totally inhospitable to American and other moves to address the problem of climate change,” he added.

A letter from Bolsonaro to Biden on his inauguration noted Brazil’s commitment to the Paris accord, clean energy and protecting the environment, including the Amazon.

And this week Brazil’s foreign relations and environment ministers held a virtual meeting with U.S. climate envoy John Kerry, agreeing to deepen cooperation on climate change and fight against deforestation, a statement from Brazil said.

Loy said Biden could also explore expanding existing U.S. legislation on “debt-for-climate” swaps, in which a share of foreign debt is forgiven in exchange for devoting those resources to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.

Another source of funding for tropical forest protection could be revenue from a carbon tax – a levy companies pay when they pollute – if the U.S. Congress can “muster the will” to impose such a tax, he added.

The U.S. government is set to publish more specific plans on combating climate change before a meeting of major emitting nations Biden will convene in late April.


Hopes are high, meanwhile, among Amazon indigenous leaders that Biden will help fund efforts to stem rising deforestation – but they want to ensure their views influence policies.

Jose Gregorio Diaz, director of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Basin (COICA), said “the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous peoples are key to mitigating climate change”, but are rarely taken into account.

“Most of the plans and programs intended to protect the Amazon are executed without prior consultation, planning or participation of indigenous peoples, who are in the territory defending the mother jungle,” said Diaz, whose organization represents more than 500 tribes across the nine countries in South America home to the Amazon basin.

Luiz Amaral, an expert at the Washington-based World Resources Institute (WRI), said coalitions to tackle climate change needed to be established that bring the United States and tropical forest nations together.

“The U.S. can and should help take this agenda to the next level but you are going to have to do this in concertation with other actors … including the developing countries,” said Amaral, who leads WRI’s work on commodities and finance.

Slowing deforestation is a key part of tackling the global climate challenge and for that, “we need everyone”, he added.

‘Our education lifeline’: U.S. battle over broadband heats up

Caidence Miller, a 4th grader at Cottage Lake Elementary, works with his grandmother Chrissy Brackett as they try to figure out how to navigate the online learning system the Northshore School District will use for two weeks due to coronavirus concerns, at Brackett's home in Woodinville, Washington, U.S. March 11, 2020. Brackett is watching Caidence while his mother works at a preschool during the day. REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RC21IF9K4GSJ

– In January Ellie Mitchell started getting a barrage of texts and emails from her internet service provider, warning her she was running out of data.

“The messages kept coming: ‘You’ve used 75%, 80%, 90%…'” Mitchell, director of youth nonprofit Maryland Out of School Time Network, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview.

“It felt like we were being held hostage,” said Mitchell, who was working from home in Baltimore, Maryland alongside her husband and their two children attending school online.

Comcast Corp, one of the largest internet providers in the United States, announced in November it would be capping data usage for residential customers not on an unlimited plan in several cities in the northeast.

Customers who use more than 1.2 terabytes (TB) of data are charged $10 for every additional 50 gigabytes, up to a maximum of $100.

The move drew the ire of elected officials and digital rights activists in Baltimore, who have been calling on the company to make broadband accessible for all students during the pandemic.

With millions forced to work and learn from home, COVID-19 has laid bare the digital divide across the country, with technological inequality disproportionately affecting poor and minority communities.

Some 16 million children, or 30% of all U.S. public school students, lack either an internet connection or a device at home adequate for distance learning, according to the Boston Consulting Group.

“We see (the Comcast cap) as preying on people’s vulnerability,” Baltimore city councilman Zeke Cohen said in a phone interview.

“This decision to add a data cap is particularly harmful to Black and brown people, and poor people, who are already living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford additional fees.”

A Comcast company spokesman said that only about 5% of its customers would regularly go over the 1.2 TB limit, adding that it had a policy of working with customers on payment plans if they could not afford their bills.

On Jan. 26, Cohen, two other council members and the Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition (BDEC), sent a letter to Maryland’s Attorney General, requesting he investigate Comcast for price gouging.


When Baltimore’s public schools first went remote in March 2020, Aliyah Abid was a high-school senior and a member of the group Students Organizing a Multicultural and Open Society (SOMOS), which pushed Comcast to make broadband quicker and cheaper.

“These days, the internet is how you access your education – so, with Comcast we are being asked to pay for a public education that’s supposed to be free,” she said.

“And not everyone is privileged enough to just not think about that.”

In July, SOMOS launched a petition asking Comcast to ensure students in the city could get online for free during the COVID-19 crisis.

Chief among their demands was improving the speed and lowering the cost of the “Internet Essentials” program, a discounted plan for low-income customers that costs $9.95 per month.

That service caps download speeds at 25 megabytes per second (MB) and uploads at 3 MB, speeds that meet the basic federal definition of “broadband”.

“What we are hearing from students is that the speed is abysmal for Essentials,” said Adam Echelman, BDEC co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit Libraries Without Borders.

“This is a real problem right now, because you can’t write an essay on your smartphone – you need a good internet to stay in touch with your teachers.”

Kristerfer Burnett, a Baltimore city councilman who co-signed the letter to the Attorney General demanding the Comcast investigation, said his office was fielding a barrage of complaints from families struggling to get online.

“We are getting bombarded with upset families who are saying that only one of their children can be on the internet at a time,” he said.

Comcast said it would be increasing the Essentials speed this week.

“We’re continually improving our Internet Essentials program and have increased speeds multiple times, including today to 50 MB (and) 5 MB, all while keeping the price at $9.95/month for the last decade,” the company said in an emailed statement.

“These speeds support multiple concurrent video conferencing sessions and enable family members to learn and work from home.”

Comcast also cited research from nonprofit CableLabs and Common Sense Media, a children’s advocacy group, indicating that the previous Essentials speed should be able to accommodate video conferencing.

AT&T, another major internet service provider, previously suspended its data coverage charges through the end of 2020, and announced it would waive the data caps it places on its low-income plans through June 2021.


Like many American cities marred by residential segregation, the distribution of internet to homes in Baltimore is highly unequal, said John Horrigan, a senior fellow at the Technology Policy Institute, a think tank in Washington, D.C.

In his research, Horrigan has found that 206,000 African-American households in Maryland state were without a wireline broadband connection in 2020.

A report he published in May 2020 showed that in Baltimore alone, more than 40% of households did not have a fixed line connection, with many homes using their phones to access the internet.

“Having good internet is extremely important to people’s emotional wellbeing at this time – not having access leads to both economic and social exclusion,” he said.

The primary reason families lack broadband, he said, is that they cannot afford the monthly bill. The new caps, he said, would further entrench the notion that data is a scarce, and expensive, resource.

Comcast is now weathering nationwide criticism of its data caps, which critics see as leveraging its dominant position in the broadband market during a crisis.

According to a 2020 report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), a group critical of major telecom firms, 22 million U.S. customers living in Comcast service areas have no other option for broadband service.

California congresswoman Anna Eshoo sent the company a letter in December asking it to suspend all data caps until after the pandemic.

Comcast had already waived its caps on data in California and other places states until the end of the 2020 school year.

The company said that the alerts being sent now to customers will not translate into additional charges until their August 2021 bill, and the messages were only meant to help customers decide if they should change to a plan with more data.

Unless something changes, Mitchell said she will likely have to start paying the additional $30 a month for an unlimited plan.

“This is our work lifeline, this is our education lifeline – so we either have to ration or just add another thing to our monthly budget,” Mitchell said. “It’s death by a thousand cuts.”

U.S. inauguration turns poet Amanda Gorman into best seller


The president’s poet woke up a superstar on Thursday, after a powerful reading at the U.S. inauguration catapulted 22-year-old Amanda Gorman to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list.

Hours after Gorman’s electric performance at the swearing-in of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, her two books – neither out yet – topped’s sales list.

“I AM ON THE FLOOR MY BOOKS ARE #1 & #2 ON AMAZON AFTER 1 DAY!” Gorman, a Los Angeles resident, wrote on Twitter.

Gorman’s debut poetry collection ‘The Hill We Climb’ won top spot in the online retail giant’s sale charts, closely followed by her upcoming ‘Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem’.

While poetry’s popularity is on the up, it remains a niche market and the overnight adulation clearly caught Gorman short.

“Thank you so much to everyone for supporting me and my words. As Yeats put it: ‘For words alone are certain good: Sing, then’.”

Gorman, the youngest poet in U.S. history to mark the transition of presidential power, offered a hopeful vision for a deeply divided country in Wednesday’s rendition.

“Being American is more than a pride we inherit. It’s the past we step into and how we repair it,” Gorman said on the steps of the U.S. Capitol two weeks after a mob laid siege and following a year of global protests for racial justice.

“We will not march back to what was. We move to what shall be, a country that is bruised, but whole. Benevolent, but bold. Fierce and free.”

The performance stirred instant acclaim, with praise from across the country and political spectrum, from the Republican-backing Lincoln Project to former President Barack Obama.

“Wasn’t @TheAmandaGorman’s poem just stunning? She’s promised to run for president in 2036 and I for one can’t wait,” tweeted former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

A graduate of Harvard University, Gorman says she overcame a speech impediment in her youth and became the first U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017.

She has now joined the ranks of august inaugural poets such as Robert Frost and Maya Angelou.

Her social media reach boomed, with her tens of thousands of followers ballooning into a Twitter fan base of a million-plus.

“I have never been prouder to see another young woman rise! Brava Brava, @TheAmandaGorman! Maya Angelou is cheering—and so am I,” tweeted TV host Oprah Winfrey.

Gorman’s books are both due out in September.

Third on Amazon’s best selling list was another picture book linked to politics and projecting hope: ‘Ambitious Girl’ by Vice-President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris.

Where is Donald Trump? Why is he MIA?


If you may not know what is happening in America right now here is the sad reality America is in the greatest crisis the country has experienced since the great depression.

March of this year the United Sates became plagued with the relentless and unwavering coronavirus.

On Wednesday alone a record breaking 3,656 American citizens were overtaken by the virus. That is two Americans a minute. To top off the record breaking deaths 213,000 Americans were infected and 113,090 Americans are hospitalized showing that this virus without a shadow of a doubt continues to become worse day by day.

Families all over are suffering drastically as congress, for months, has failed to pass any type of economic relief to Americans who have already went over a financial cliff or are on the brink of going over.

America at this moment seems to be without leadership as millions continue to suffer. That is leading to many questioning where is the current President of the United States Donald Trump?

In just a few days, right after Christmas, millions of Americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits, millions are set to be evicted as the eviction moratorium the CDC enacted to protect renters unable to pay their rent is set to expire at the end of this month, many are burying loved ones, many are dying alone, and America just experienced its greatest Cyber attack in years by Russia.

Donald Trump thus far has not taken the time to address any of these high priority occurrences. He has not been involved with trying to bridge and bring together representatives to strike a deal to help Americans, he has not addressed the Cyber attack on U.S. Federal agencies by the Russian Government, he has not taken the time to acknowledge families who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19, and he has not taken time to address the drastic uptick in the Coronavirus among other things that are pressing in America right now.

Last week we released an article that gave a clear indication of what Donald Trump is focused on, one look at his twitter feed clearly reveals where Trumps energy is being channeled. He was defeated by President- Elect Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.

Since his defeat he has abandoned the American people as the leader of the free world in order to file more than 50 lawsuits to try and overturn the will of the people in which he lost as well.

Despite the pain and suffering America is being subjected to due to no fault of their own and the known cyber attack Russia committed on U.S. Federal agencies Donald Trump continues to ignore what is urgent and what is reality by remaining on his twitter tweeting spree spreading misinformation surrounding an election he lost hands down when Americans need help and leadership.

Tweets from today December 17, 2020:

It is evident Donald Trump has abandoned his post as the President of The United States of America by failing to address the millions who continue to suffer, by failing to address the millions who continue to go into financial ruins, by failing to address the thousands who continue to die, by failing to address the U.S. Government that has come under attack by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government, and by failing to accept the election results that he will no longer be president after January 20, 2021.

3,656 Americans Died On Wednesday Due To Coronavirus


On Monday the first rounds of Pfizer vaccines were distributed to frontline workers all across America. Though there is light at the end of the tunnel the grime reality of now is 3,656 Americans died on Wednesday making it the single deadliest day this nation has faced since this pandemic began nine months ago.

Alongside the recorded setting deaths the COVID-19 data tracking project showed that there were 230,000 new coronavirus infections and 113,090 Americans were hospitalized with the virus.

Many health officials warned that if Americans traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday that this spike would occur alongside our President-Elect Joe Biden who has repeated for months that America would see a dark winter.

With Christmas and New Years only days away although many see light at the end of the tunnel many describe the happenings of this year as reliving the same day since March over and over again for the last nine months.

Twitter Continues To Allow Trump to Spread Misinformation About 2020 Election


November 3, 2020 millions of Americans made their way to the polls to elect the next President of the United States.

The votes did not go in Donald Trumps favor. He is now considered a one term president becoming the latest president in the last 27 years to lose at a second term while also breaking many more records for not so good reasons.

It has been nearly a month now since the American people cast their votes which resulted in Joe Biden becoming the new President elect and Kamala Harris the new Vice President elect.

While the new Administration is set to receive their first briefing today, appointing its new administration, and being transparent about the steps they will take to help combat the out of control coronavirus pandemic and economic strain its causing on citizens Trump continues to use twitters platform to spread false, inaccurate, and absurd information surrounding the election.

Many have called for Twitter to disable his account but instead Twitter continues to flag nearly every tweet Trump post pertaining to the election with a exclamation point followed by the memo, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”


The tweets enclosed are from the last three to four days as previously stated Trump has continued to use his platform to undermine the elections process in America since November 4, 2020 when he went on national television in the early hours of the morning to declare himself the winner of the presidential election of 2020 when votes were no where near done being tallied.

Several have called Trumps behavior dangerous and have voiced their pure disdain for a sitting president to try and and sow so much doubt and discord into the elections process of America.

The false allegations and false information he is spreading seems to have no end insight.

Everyday mostly several times a day Trumps tweets are continuously flagged as nothing more than blatant lies meanwhile America is in shambles thousands continue to bury loved ones, record numbers of Americans are becoming infected, states are now resulting back to implementing shut downs, business are closing their doors for good, many are losing their jobs, and many are losing their homes to foreclosure or evictions, all as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which he has no plan or desire to gain control over.

He instead is gone rouge on Twitter and continues to sue key battle ground states for a recount of the votes which only results in President Elect Joe Biden’s winning margins to widen.

What are your thoughts? Should Twitter disable Trumps account or continue to let him tweet?

Bobby Brown Jr., Son of Bobby Brown, Dies at 28


On Wednesday the Los Angeles Police Department was contacted in response to an emergency call on behalf of Bobby Brown Jr., the son of singer Bobby Brown Sr.

When authorities arrived they found the 28-year-old unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No foul play is suspected according to spokesman Jeff Lee, who confirmed this occurrence to CNN.

Bobby Brown Sr. released a statement in response to his sons passing, “Please keep my family in your prayers at this time. Losing my son at this point in our lives has devastated my family. There are no words to explain the pain.”

Happy Veterans Day Thank You For Your Service


Join us on our social media platforms as we celebrate you for your time, dedication, and service to keep us all safe.

Coronavirus Cases Surpass One Million Over Last Ten Days


While America has be fixated and wrapped up in the 2020 presidential elections the coronavirus has continued to break records that were set months ago when this outbreak first began.

Over the last ten days more than one million coronavirus cases have been reported and hospitalizations have gone up by 73% with a little over 59,000 Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the United States as of Monday.

The key way to measure just how progressive the virus is gets determined by the number of hospitalizations that are reported.

Three states are reporting the highest numbers. Texas reported a total of 6,103 followed by Illinois with 4,409 and California with 3,368.

The data that is being reported thus far represents that America is in the midst of and experiencing its worst outbreak since this pandemic started over 294 days ago.

From Women to Migrants: What does a Biden Win Mean for Africa?


Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election is set to affect Africa’s 1.3 billion people on issues ranging from climate change and immigration to women’s health and human rights, according to academics and analysts.

Under the Trump administration, the United States pulled out of the landmark Paris climate accord, issued travel bans on Muslim-majority nations, and cut aid to charities providing reproductive health services that included abortion advice. 

The Thomson Reuters Foundation asked activists, academics and analysts how a Biden administration could impact Africa’s 54 nations.


“Civil society groups in Africa have observed how President Trump’s attacks on the media and his violent reprisal of Black Lives Matter protests exhibit similar tendencies of Africa’s worst authoritarian leaders. 

A Biden presidency will certainly be a welcome relief for Africa as civil society will be able to count on a Biden administration to denounce African leaders who violate the rights of their people and exert pressure on them to uphold international law. 

A practical way will be for the United States to re-join the U.N. Human Rights Council, which civil society holds in high esteem, but authoritarian leaders have increasingly trod on over the last four years.”


“The new U.S. government should prioritise efforts in leading global action to protect millions of people seeking refuge, particularly from those African countries ridden by deadly conflict or the devastation of a changing climate. 

As African countries continue to take up more than their fair share of the global duty in welcoming women, children, and men fleeing their homes, the wider international community – led by the United States – has not matched their efforts. 

We would like to see the U.S. government taking a lead in ensuring these host countries have the necessary financial support to ease the load of hosting many millions of refugees, as well as the political engagement that can lead to more durable solutions that help people rebuild their lives.” 


“The United States is the single largest family planning donor in the world and thus plays a major role in reproductive health care in Kenya. 

Trump’s (so-called) global gag rule was and continues to be an onslaught on the reproductive health and rights of women. The decision deprived individuals, especially women of reproductive age, of the right to body autonomy.

A win for Joe Biden brings back hope and sanity in the management of the healthcare systems … Countries like Kenya will once again be free to offer the reproductive health continuum of care to its populace without being whipped into a certain policy direction that they are not party to.”


“The Trump administration has refused to act to mitigate the effects of climate change, and has blocked international climate negotiations for ambitious climate action. 

Donald Trump’s decision to withhold $2 billion of the $3 billion pledged by his predecessor has contributed to a huge shortfall at the Green Climate Fund – a contribution that would have enabled countries most affected by climate change, such as African countries, to implement policies to strengthen the resilience of their frontline communities. 

A Biden administration would need to take the lead on climate change and make climate change a global priority. We expect the United States would rejoin the Paris Agreement, and step up its efforts and also contribute to the Green Climate Fund.” 


“President Donald Trump’s expansion of the immigrant visa ban that includes Nigeria and other countries with vulnerable populations fleeing persecution was unacceptable. 

The ban is discriminatory – and with it the United States is setting a dangerous precedent. It has closed the door for people fleeing persecution and also for those who are seeking new opportunities. 

Applying the ban on people from select countries, some of them facing crisis, is contrary to the values of the United States. 

It is our hope that all these discriminatory measures will be removed and more migrant friendly policies will be introduced.”