November 3, 2020 millions of Americans made their way to the polls to elect the next President of the United States.

The votes did not go in Donald Trumps favor. He is now considered a one term president becoming the latest president in the last 27 years to lose at a second term while also breaking many more records for not so good reasons.

It has been nearly a month now since the American people cast their votes which resulted in Joe Biden becoming the new President elect and Kamala Harris the new Vice President elect.

While the new Administration is set to receive their first briefing today, appointing its new administration, and being transparent about the steps they will take to help combat the out of control coronavirus pandemic and economic strain its causing on citizens Trump continues to use twitters platform to spread false, inaccurate, and absurd information surrounding the election.

Many have called for Twitter to disable his account but instead Twitter continues to flag nearly every tweet Trump post pertaining to the election with a exclamation point followed by the memo, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”


The tweets enclosed are from the last three to four days as previously stated Trump has continued to use his platform to undermine the elections process in America since November 4, 2020 when he went on national television in the early hours of the morning to declare himself the winner of the presidential election of 2020 when votes were no where near done being tallied.

Several have called Trumps behavior dangerous and have voiced their pure disdain for a sitting president to try and and sow so much doubt and discord into the elections process of America.

The false allegations and false information he is spreading seems to have no end insight.

Everyday mostly several times a day Trumps tweets are continuously flagged as nothing more than blatant lies meanwhile America is in shambles thousands continue to bury loved ones, record numbers of Americans are becoming infected, states are now resulting back to implementing shut downs, business are closing their doors for good, many are losing their jobs, and many are losing their homes to foreclosure or evictions, all as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which he has no plan or desire to gain control over.

He instead is gone rouge on Twitter and continues to sue key battle ground states for a recount of the votes which only results in President Elect Joe Biden’s winning margins to widen.

What are your thoughts? Should Twitter disable Trumps account or continue to let him tweet?


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