“Usurpers Posing as Public Officials in the Cotton State Have Always Been a Drag on America’s Highest Moral Ideals”

Top Left to Bottom Right: Superintendent David Sewell, Chris Lasseter, Vince Wade, Ricky Moore, Scott Thomas, Marty Collins, Gary Cox

It does not matter if the assailant spits in your face or strikes you in the dark or the daylight, if we know who the assailant is because the light came on and the assailant raised her hand and confessed, then we have a duty to hold her accountable.

7 white Karens posing as High School Teachers at Ashford High School in Ashford, Alabama whose names are as follows, Hannah Kirkland, Julee Summerford Lasseter, Tambria Mcardle, Candy Cherry Lawrence, Danielle Helms, Kim Worsham, and Kelli Huffman Ingalls did exactly this… These teachers attacked students and spit in their faces with language as toxic as the slashes from a whip of a slave master in the sweltering heat of a summer in the cotton fields of Alabama 100 years ago!

They did this in the dark because they were on their private devices during school hours and on school campus communicating with one another in a chat group where they crowned themselves with the name “THE BAD A-Bs”.

Then the light came on in the school district of Houston County Schools in Alabama when one heroic student was asked by one of the teachers to assist her with her device — The student happened to see the chat group initiated by the Bad A-B Gang of Teachers and the derelict language being used and he recognized the name of a few of his classmates, so he immediately screen recorded and shared to social media.

These teachers were caught red handed doing something behind the backs of the parents, students, community, and their superiors that had they been bold enough in this Black Lives Matter era to do in the face of these students and parents swift and precise justice from every end would have been summoned for them.

Yet the school board members David Sewell, Marty Collins, Vince Wade, Gary Cox, Ricky Moore, and Scott Thomas who are charged with protecting students from these BAD TEACHERS in this school district of Houston County of Alabama, particularly at Ashford High School, the Houston County Board of Education, refuse to do so, even in light of these teachers being teachers who have disgraced their names, their church WATERMARK CHURCH of ASHFORD, AL, their entrepreneurial parents SUMMERFORD TRUCKING COMPANY & AMX ALABAMA MOTOR EXPRESS TRUCKING of Ashford, AL, their students, their community, and HOPEFULLY THEIR OWN CONSCIENCE.

We have an idea why… this board feels comfortable with the decision to reinstate these teachers, after just a 10 day hiatus, and against the objection of the only minority board member of the Houston County Board of Education. Besides the fact that these students were clearly attacked by teachers and there is not one female or motherly member on the Houston County School Board of Alabama — and the obvious fact that each man who voted to “DO NOTHING”– in the face of attacks on Race, Gender, Sexual orientation and blatant harassment, violence, disability discrimination, and more — are middle to old age WHITE MEN; The Board is Riddled with Corruption and in violation of the Constitutional Rights of all involved including teachers and students and the outraged community.

Corruption in that the Superintendent David Sewell who also served as the hearing officer and refused to recuse himself is a long time friend and colleague of the Summerford – Lasseter Family which one of the teachers belong to. Julee Summerford Lasseter who was attributed the quote “That nigger is so dumb he can’t walk and chew bubble gum,” is the wife of the HCBOE Board Member Chris Lasseter. Each one of these board members refused to recuse themselves in the judgement of the spouse of a fellow board member and teacher of Ashford High School.

In certain states this falls right in violation of and under the CORRUPTIONS LAW STANDARDS. In other states we have seen Attorney Generals step in to demand teachers who were married to board members or related to board members to repay their entire contracts. Yet, while there are other states who have not allowed school boards to enter into contract with relatives of the district’s employees or board members, in Alabama that is not the case. Superintendent David Sewell of Houston County Board of Education has a longstanding relationship with the family of one of the teachers and the teacher’s husband presently serves alongside Sewell on the school board presently, yet Superintendent David Sewell did not recuse himself and neither did any of this teacher’s husband’s colleagues.

There is absolutely no doubt that this alone should cause a disqualification of this school boards decision which was inarguably arbitrary, unconstitutional, and capricious in addition to plain WRONG and RACIST and motivated and fueled by a personal agenda to “make it go away”.

If this doesn’t cause you to sign the petition and demand the school board step in and/or overturn the decision by this school board who refused to terminate these teachers. They instead voted to give them a slap on the wrist for one of the most horrific and egregious moral crimes in America — to abuse and attack students with racist, bigoted, sexist, gender biased, and twisted remarks — let me tell you one more fact…

The incoming newly elected Superintendent Brandy White instructed his campaign to contact us at contact@REPORTOFTHESOUTH.com and to deliver to us a recording of an official School Board HEARING concerning a group of hostile teachers, which sitting Superintendent David Sewell presided over right before the hearing on the Ashford, Alabama Racist Seven Sex Hotline Teachers gang who calls themselves The Bad A-Bs. In that hearing Superintendent David Sewell can be heard agreeing with one of the teachers that the Ashford Situation is simply a “WHATEVER SITUATION”.

Incoming Superintendent Brandy White

If that is not enough to find this boards decision and Superintendents RECOMMENDATION and DECISION ARBITRARY, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, CAPRICIOUS and simply a personal agenda (in violation of the STUDENT FIRST ACT) to SAVE a BAD TEACHER (and her GANG) who also happens to be the Spouse/WIFE (Julee Summerford Lasseter) of one of the Houston County Board Members (Chris Lasseter) and the daughter of a prominent businessman (John Summerford who owns AMX TRUCKING and SUMMERFORD TRUCKING headquartered in Ashford, AL.) then you tell me what is!


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