Wayfair Employees Plan Walkout After Discovering They Are Supplying Beds For Children Being Kept In Cages at Border


The Globe reported that employees sent the letter to the company brass on Friday, and got an unsigned response by Monday evening. The letter thanked the employees for their concerns, but added that they also “believe in the importance of respecting diversity of thought within our organization and across our customer base.”

“As a retailer, it is standard practice to fulfill orders for all customers and we believe it is our business to sell to any customer who is acting within the laws of the countries within which we operate,” the letter back to the employees read. “We believe all of our stakeholders, employees, customers, investors, and suppliers included are best served by our commitment to fulfill our orders.”

Employees plan to walk out of the Back Bay offices at 1:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday. They have asked Wayfair to donate proceeds from the BCFS order to assist rescue organizations that support migrant families and refugees at the border.

Reports over the last several days have depicted horrid conditions for children who are being held.

Sources say they don’t have tooth brushes, toothpaste, or proper sanitation as babies are forced to defecate on themselves.

Many have not been able to bathe in months and to add teen moms have no way to take care of themselves while they are nursing their babies.

The #WayfairWalkout hashtag has picked up like fire across twitter. Customers are expressing their disgust and in part are cancelling orders and accounts with the company.

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