If you may not know what is happening in America right now here is the sad reality America is in the greatest crisis the country has experienced since the great depression.

March of this year the United Sates became plagued with the relentless and unwavering coronavirus.

On Wednesday alone a record breaking 3,656 American citizens were overtaken by the virus. That is two Americans a minute. To top off the record breaking deaths 213,000 Americans were infected and 113,090 Americans are hospitalized showing that this virus without a shadow of a doubt continues to become worse day by day.

Families all over are suffering drastically as congress, for months, has failed to pass any type of economic relief to Americans who have already went over a financial cliff or are on the brink of going over.

America at this moment seems to be without leadership as millions continue to suffer. That is leading to many questioning where is the current President of the United States Donald Trump?

In just a few days, right after Christmas, millions of Americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits, millions are set to be evicted as the eviction moratorium the CDC enacted to protect renters unable to pay their rent is set to expire at the end of this month, many are burying loved ones, many are dying alone, and America just experienced its greatest Cyber attack in years by Russia.

Donald Trump thus far has not taken the time to address any of these high priority occurrences. He has not been involved with trying to bridge and bring together representatives to strike a deal to help Americans, he has not addressed the Cyber attack on U.S. Federal agencies by the Russian Government, he has not taken the time to acknowledge families who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19, and he has not taken time to address the drastic uptick in the Coronavirus among other things that are pressing in America right now.

Last week we released an article that gave a clear indication of what Donald Trump is focused on, one look at his twitter feed clearly reveals where Trumps energy is being channeled. He was defeated by President- Elect Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.

Since his defeat he has abandoned the American people as the leader of the free world in order to file more than 50 lawsuits to try and overturn the will of the people in which he lost as well.

Despite the pain and suffering America is being subjected to due to no fault of their own and the known cyber attack Russia committed on U.S. Federal agencies Donald Trump continues to ignore what is urgent and what is reality by remaining on his twitter tweeting spree spreading misinformation surrounding an election he lost hands down when Americans need help and leadership.

Tweets from today December 17, 2020:

It is evident Donald Trump has abandoned his post as the President of The United States of America by failing to address the millions who continue to suffer, by failing to address the millions who continue to go into financial ruins, by failing to address the thousands who continue to die, by failing to address the U.S. Government that has come under attack by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government, and by failing to accept the election results that he will no longer be president after January 20, 2021.


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