Woman Dies After Long Emergency Room Wait


25-year-old Tashonna Ward died Jan. 2. after trying to seek medical attention at a Milwaukee emergency room.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Ward began to have chest pain and trouble breathing while she was working that afternoon at L&M Links child care center on 80th and Burleigh streets.

Ward’s sister drove her to Froedtert Hospital; they checked in at 4:58 p.m., according to the medical examiner’s report.

After being checked in by hospital staff Wards blood pressure reading was normal but a chest x-ray showed cardiomegaly: an enlarged heart.

A previous medical report revealed Ward was already told about her enlarged heart when her baby died last year during pregnancy.

Wards family stated she was then asked to wait back in the hospital’s lobby for an estimated time of two to six hours before she’d be seen by a doctor.

While she waited to been seen by a doctor she made several Facebook post about her experience at the hospital.

“I really hope I’m not in this emergency room all night,” she wrote.
An hour later, the 25-year-old provided another update on social media.

Freodert so packed it don’t make no sense,” she wrote. “Damn near woulda been better off going to St Joes.”

Her frustration continued with another update almost an hour later.

“Idk what they can do about the emergency system at freodert but they damn sure need to do something,” she wrote. “I been here since 4:30 something for shortness of breath, and chest pains for them to just say it’s a two to SIX hour wait to see a dr. Like that is really f**kin ridiculous.”

Ward finally left the E.R. in hope of receiving faster services at a urgent care clinic.

She never made it shortly after leaving the E.R. she collapsed and had to be rushed back to Froedtert in an ambulance. She was pronounced dead soon after.

How can you triage someone with shortness of breath and chest pain, and stick them in the lobby?” Ward’s cousin, Andrea Ward, told the Sentinel. “Froedtert needs to change their policy.

A spokesperson for the hospital kind of, but not really, provided a statement saying, “The family is in our thoughts and has our deepest sympathy. We cannot comment further at this time.”

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